saturday morning…

hey, ho there sports fans...  Kermit the frog here... can you believe?  the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina...  it's just awful.  and there are folks still living in FEMA trailers, with asbestos, black mold, and other things which are awful which I'm sure I don't know about... and Joe Fucking BIDEN, encouraging people to PRAY that... Continue Reading →

the depressing topics of gainful employment; my tortured year of temping; ex-lovers

anna here.  sitting on the couch, two dogs and one depressed, pensive person in residence.  with wandering thoughts. we're moving, my fantastic roommates and myself.  they've bought a house and they're taking me along, which is supremely kind of them.  occasionally I do dishes or mop the floor or clean the bathroom (ewrgh.  should do... Continue Reading →

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