Writer’s Block: Health Care

it’s a right.  like self-determination, the right to live in supportive communities…  the right to clean air, clean water, affordable housing…  it is the unjust domination systems which persuade us that these are privileges, which must be earned or paid for or born into. 

I would add the word *affordable* in front of the phrase "health care."  as well. 

people don’t know this, but after WW2, there were wage caps on what people could earn:  you could only earn so much per profession (e.g. laborer, secretary).  so what companies did, as enticements, were to add on extra benefits, like group health care, retirement plans, life insurance, etc, to lure workers to their company.   this was by and large before the privatization of the health care industry. 

so…  now (60 years later) we’re stuck with the expectation that our employers *should* insure us, although small businesses can’t afford to any more…  and it cuts into the profits of large businesses so much that they care less and less. 

I would like to see some kind of health care insurance revolution.  a cap on profits?  wouldn’t that be nice?  single-payer health insurance?  that would be nice.  it could be like car insurance, or home insurance.  you purchase a a certain quantum, a plan, you pay your premiums, and are able to go to the doctor.   preventative medicine?  free pap smears every year for every sexually active woman over 20?  free mammograms for women over 40?  free prostate checks for men starting at age 40?  pre-screening for people whose families have a history of cancer?  or diabetes?  free/low cost prenatal care?  (especially for high-risk populations.)  value-free information abotu teen sexuality!  (e.g. teen sexuality in the context of "this is what your body does" as opposed to "don’t have sex or god will kill you and you’ll be AIDS.  or worse, pregnant.)  oh!  gosh!  actual information about *the FOOD WE EAT* and how it makes us sick.  (partially hydrogenated oil is BAD.  high-fructose corn syrup is BAD.  sugar replacements are BAD.  and cancer-causing in lab rats.  poor ratters.)  

if the expectation that employers were supposed to provide health insurance were missing, businesses would be able to pay more — pay more wages so that people could choose health care plans appropriate for them.  insurance companies would want to keep costs down, as would hospitals.  and the "free market" ideology would still be allowed to sail on for a while.

not that I know everything:  I’ve been without health insurance for a little more that 2 years now.  it sucks.  that I know.