what religious and political extremism looks like

got the news from brownbetty.  see her post on my friends page.  (not techno savvy.  sorry)

news articles about the recent attacks on Muslim children during Ramadan worship services.

AND what McCain is MADE OF:

and last but not least…  (how could this NOT be a hate-crime???)

scary nation we live in….  and not okay.  I wish I could reassure myself that going to one’s house of worship should always be safe and sacred.  physically safe, especially.  but I guess that’s not what America means anymore.  Violence directed against churches in particular has risen dramatically in the last 15 years…  maybe the last 20 years.  what seemed unthinkable has become commonplace. 


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  1. You hear about the shooting at the church in Knoxville a couple months ago? There’s talk here and now about the need for stepped-up security and metal detectors at churches.

    This world is getting too crazy.


    1. the church in knoxville is a UU church

      and, as I am UU, I heard about it the day it happened.

      I’m really sorry that people of varying religious traditions can’t find a way to live together without violence (although there have been brief periods in history where it *has* happened – xref Spain 1100-1300). but in america, it just seems that these brief outbursts somehow blow off steam, and then the “real groundedness” of our so-called “religious freedom” reasserts itself.

      the Puritans (Hugenots from France) came over because their strict nature was intolerable to religious moderates on the continent. they quickly established a haven in NEw ENgland, quashing all other attempts by other denominations to take hold. (a Unitarian names John Murray alomost got killed in a New ENgland town, I think. can’t remember which one)

      the systemic war against the indigenous americans (e.g. “native americans” or “indians”) was mostly about land — but the weapon of the bible was used as much as, if not more, than the rifle or the sword.

      and the Mormons pissed everybody else off. especially on their trek to Utah, which was not a state of the union at that point — they wanted their own country… (they’ve got it, in actuality, if not in law). the other states would not let Utah into the Union unless it officially banned the practice of polygamy. (hence the split in 1860??ish of the LDS and the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter DAy Saints… FLDS. which still exists in pockets, as we know, cause of the recent FBI raid last spring.)

      then the civil rights movement – lots of churches and religious leaders were killed, targeted, bombed… (including Malcolm X, a Muslim…)

      then the spate of church burnings in the 90’s.

      there’s also more violence against Muslims in america since 9/11. a Sikh who worked in a gas station was beaten to death shortly after 9/11 – I think in Illinois or Indiana. Sikhs also wear turbans.

      it’s just horrible.

      to think – Jesus himself – if you believe the Jesus Seminar (which I do) – most likely said “turn the other cheek.” not as a passive act, but as an act of active resistance. nonviolent resistance.

      I know Jesus and Jesus’ words have been co-opted by anyone and everyone who needs them — but I honestly believe Jesus preached non-violent resistance… as well as the kingdom of god…

      *sigh.* maybe America was never truly about religious freedom, rather christian dominance. or rather, Protestant Christian dominance. (remember, we’ve only had one Catholic President, and he was assassinated in the third year of his term… Kerry didn’t have a chance.)


  2. (how could this NOT be a hate-crime???)

    The article says the police couldn’t say it was a hate crime because nothing was left on the scene. What were they expecting? A signed confession saying THIS WAS A HATE CRIME?????

    I mean really. Why would a grown man spray chemicals (they still have no idea what it was? Those poor people!) in the face of a 10 year old Muslim girl in a mosque, if it wasn’t a hate crime? What reason? I’d like to know what fakeass reason those shitball cops come up with, since they were too bigoted to come out and say it was a damned hate crime.


    1. Re: (how could this NOT be a hate-crime???)

      absolutely yes. But the FBI is investigating, and when the FBI shows up, all kinds of local yokels get their egos trampled on for messing things up (IF you believe cop tv shows and movies…)

      I think whatever they sprayed the girl with evaporated after a few minutes and therefore was not traceable? testable? *but* because it is a Muslim temple, it should be classified as a hate crime.

      it took years of legislative combat by specific groups (e.g. gays and lesbians, transgender people; I think even the KKK has lobbied to be protected under hate crime law) to “make the list” of people “who count” (for lack of better terminology) as victims of hate crimes when violence is perpetrated against them…

      I’m thinking in parenthesis this morning. (wierd.)

      yes, of course, it *is* a hate crime, and bigotry often gets the better of people. I’m going to follow the investigation and pray… prayer feels like an enemic response, especially if god listens to others… but still. I want to have an open heart….


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