I have a new name for a band…

did you ever play that game?  what would be a great name for a band? 

I got one: 


please comment –
if there were better band names to come out of last night’s debate, please edumicate me. 


4 thoughts on “I have a new name for a band…”

  1. Have you no shame? Sounds like a trailer park trash band. Nothing but country & ’80’s glam rock covers. A bunch of has been 50 year olds. I bet they could get a gig at Bluz at the Bend.


    1. uhhh no – not really.


      oh behave! it would at least be populated by loretta lynn/kenny chesney wanna-bes AND/OR john madden look-alikes.

      they’d probably cover eagles songs… and angry country. could even be a punk band!!! 🙂

      and, yes, they could totally get a gig at any bar that looks like the bar from the Blues Brothers. remember that sketchy country bar? where there was protective chicken wire, cause they liked to throw beer bottles at the band? where the blues brothers were forced to pay for their own beer? where they covered “BONANZA” and “Stand by your man”?

      oh. good times. joe sixpack and the hockey moms would feel right at home there…. especially if it was also a strip club on the side. 🙂


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