2 thoughts on “hey – anyone interested in a police state?”

  1. Fuck’d up, huh! I listened to it on the way to work today. Maybe they are preparing for the first black man in office. After all look what happened in brown v. the board of education. *jk, kind of*


    1. yeah with the national guard.

      I remember the days before iraq when our national guard was AT HOME and not in IRAQ. I mostly read democracy now. (cause I don’t drive home from work at 5pm anymore. sad.)

      anyway. remember 1999? the fear-mongering and the national emergency legislation and stuff like that? the president can declare martial law like THAT with a snap of his fingers. no approval from congress. no thing.

      if something like that happens on november 3… I don’t want to be afraid but I am. concerned about what our future will be as a nation.

      I know they say the rhetoric “oh, yea sure, this is a really important election” every time. but this time it really is…


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