dudes (in the non-gender specific, common-usage meaning of the term):


i can haz job interviewz?

I have a job interview at the Fig Tree (on the Gonzgaga campus) at 3PM!

plz to send happy thoughts and prayers and joyful thoughts to the universe and to the employment gods and/or goddesses at that time.

with much fanks,


and yes, I will not be speaking with my voice until then so to preserve said voice for speaking at my job interview!


6 thoughts on “employment?!!!”

    1. thanks very much. I think it’s a good match. ecumenial newspaper + me, soon to be ordained…

      *crosses fingers*

      they didn’t tell me one way or the other. I felt like I answered their questions well, and that I gave an honest presentation of what I’m about. (my voice still isn’t working great, but I did present myself okay-be.)

      lurves, thanks for well-wishing.


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