hey everybody.

just an update. 

so I had another interview over at the Fig Tree, and it was an orientation!  so I’ll go to the americorps orientation on thursday, and then I’ll start on friday!!!


so.  I’m very happy.  I’ll be doing volunteer coordinating for an ecumenical newspaper, and it will be lots of varied and sundry projects.  so I’m happy about that.  it’s mostly stuff I already know how to do.

and I get a parking pass and a key to the building.  yippee.

I’m really excited about this and can hardly contain myself.

my dad (who is awesome) is taking me out to dinner, to celebrate!  šŸ™‚

and roommies, I should be home soon, with the dog.  I figured you might enjoy some quiet personal alone time.  without the insane barking all the time.  Lucky the Barking Dog is great.  but very loud.  with the barkiness. 

šŸ™‚  I’m happy!  I can hardly believe it. 


(in other news, I’ve watched season two of Jericho.  is good.  and Leatherheads.  which is funny.  in addition to being made of dreamy, george clooney is actually a good director as well.  who knew?)  why, oh why, do I go for the guys with strong cheek bones and square jaws?  can anyone answer this for me???

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    1. we’ve tried a lot of different things.

      I think, since it’s my mom’s dog, that I don’t really have a leg to stand on.

      but mostly, my mom’s trying DENIAL. it’s not just a river in egypt anymore.



    2. Lucky the Dog of Much Barkiness is an austrailian shepherd, a working dog. her whole MO is barking. we’ve tried various things, including a bark-shock collar, which worked for a while. but then the trainer was mean to the dog in front of my mom, and that was the end of that.

      we’ve been thinking of trying a citronella-bark collar (shoots citronella into dog-nose when barking) which is more humane? than a shock? but I’m not really sure if my mom will spring for it. she says the dog is fine when she’s not around ME. *sigh.*

      there is hope. OBAMA. do you think obama could teach my dog not to bark in a loving, humane, life affirming way? (maybe he could teach the republicans not to bark as well…)


      1. haha!

        no. you just have to work hard to shush the dog and treat it when it actually shushes. it’s a long process, and an irritating one, but our cats come when called and are learning to sit, so you should be able to teach your dog to stop barking :p


      2. we SHOULD be able to….

        the problem is that my mom has a lot of anxiety around Lucky and then SHE starts yelling, and Lucky barks MORE, and then I just kind of plug my fingers into my ears and go “NAHNAHNAHNAHNA” until it’s over.

        Mom gets all stressed out and doesn’t understand dog lanugage (Lucky’s “play with me” bark is what’s normally heard) and then Mom gets upset, and then Lucky gets upset and barks MORE…

        and… to wrap it up nicely, Mom gets to blame me.

        cause she was verbally abusive to me for YEARS, so why not blame it on ME? when it’s HER fault the dog behaves so badly. (yeah. I’ve been in therapy for a while and can say that my mom verbally abused me for years. but that phase of our life is pretty much over. I just have to remind her when she says something that’s mean, unintentionally…) but this dog stuff is a layover, I think, form that era. blaming it on me, I mean.

        everybody wins. except me. but that’s how my family rolls some days.


      3. yeah. totally NOT the dog’s fault, though. so I don’t get mad or anything. it’s not Lucky’s fault. poor loud dog. the rest of us are loud as well, so it’s just her way of fitting in.



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