yeah. one of those awful forwards. but this one is kinda funny

so my friend Amy’s mom sends out these "send this to 10 other people or else" kind of dumb emails. it’s not really thrilling most of the time, but this one is funny.

it’s called "Phoof. and there you go." (it’s for the folks who like the pics of the pretty mens)


Ok BE HONEST…how many of you REALLY ENJOY getting little angel love notes from every person in your address book? You know the ones with ‘I love you so… here’s an angel… and some mushy poem crap…. ‘

And like the cute wasn’t bad enough, they then THREATEN you with bad luck if you don’t send it on to others and back to them to prove you read the email! A vicious tactic!

So here’s my version:

Take the fairy dust:

Add it to one of those angels

And PHOOF!!!!….

He’s good luck because he probably made you smile.

When you’re finished trying to see up his loincloth,
why not send this on to some of your friends to make them smile, or drool too?

4 thoughts on “yeah. one of those awful forwards. but this one is kinda funny”

    1. LOL.

      what a great word!


      so sorry. had to post it. thought it was funny. thought it might be a welcome change in the humor level, in relationship to all the srious political stuff I’ve been reading lately. (sorry to lower the dialogue to its penis.)

      bwa hahaha


      1. I have preferred “penii” in the past. but “penix.” wow. not only does it sound like a candy bar, it sounds yummy as well!!!!

        or a new movie. or – half of a pair – penix and the dominatrix. (ahhh… I love coming up with names for bands…)

        penices is also very … cool? latin-sounding? it’s problematic. especially when the penises gather for their late midnight rituals. how do they address each other???


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