hi roommies…

… it seems so long since we’ve spoken! 

when I left you last week, I didn’t have a job, and now I do!  when I left you last week, mcfoo was gone, but now she’s BACK!   when I left, I didn’t have a working phone OR a working voice, and now both, thankfully, have come around.   all these things are good.

so I had training on thursday at the americorps office with another volunteer who was HAWT.  he’s a baby, (and by baby I mean he’s in his early to mid twenties) but he has the chiseled cheekbones, really big blue eyes and funky dirty blonde hair that was all coiffed.

yeah also he was wearing a fashionable sweater and nice shoes.  so I think he might be a metrosexual. 

I would like to renew the debate about whether Guys Who Groom Themselves must be considered Metrosexuals, and therefore Shallow.  

big blue eyes like the harry potter kid.  *sigh*  I’m a dirty old woman.


maybe it’s just been a long dry spell, roommies…  but I’m coming home today and maybe you could all give me tips about How to Get Laid.  I must be ovulating.  I’m hardly ever this horny.  

(my old friend danny’s instruction of:  LOWER YOUR STANDARDS (yes, it was in CAPS), just seems…  somehow unpalatable.  I mean, honestly, what are standards for?)


the new job is GREAT.  The woman I’ll be working for is named Mary, and she has a really calming voice, like a person who is really at peace with themselves…  I think the good things about this position will be:  meaningful work, health insurance, steady paycheck, new friends and colleagues and networking, and perhaps (getting laid in parenthesis.)

the possible negatives I have identified so far are as follows:  a 2-3 person staff;  the other staff besides Mary is Mary’s son Malcolm, who was the americorps person for the past two years.  (=big shoes to fill;  big shoes of the family variety.)   another could-be negative is that there are two offices:  one in Gonzaga campus, and the other at Mary’s house on the south hill.  it’s near Odyessey Youth Center, which is a fine neighborhood.  but an office in someone’s house?  could be shaky.

I’ve already canvassed and came up with a few good networking contacts.  one of them was from the Bioneers conference where I met the woman who is starting the SPOKANE FOOD CO-OP.  *SQUEE*

the rates for low-income folks are $75 and you can pay over three years.  I’m so joining.  they take food stamps.  I’m really looking forward to making it work in spokane.  I have visited the famous food coop in brooklyn, and it’s a long-standing institution where people come from as far as new jersey to get their groceries.  that’s two bridges on either side of manhattan, folks, in a journey that would take at least one and a half hours each way, with about $12 in tolls. 

anyway.  it’s a really good thing for spokane. 

and then yesterday I attended a conference on church dynamics at my church, which took up a lot of energy and so I needed to not talk to anybody for the rest of the day…  (good news is that it counts towards americorps hours, cause it’s educational!)

uhh…  because of all of this hulallaballoo, I have needed more personal alone time than I normally do.  so thanks for giving me that. 

A LOT of PAT.  personal alone time.  with the barking dog and the snobby, don’t snuggle me boy-cat….  *sigh* 

("pet me pet me pet me.  we will never speak of this again" is belladonalin’s estimation of how cats roll.  it’s pretty accurate in terms of My Cat Jack.)

I think I’ve needed a lot of time to just goof off because all these changes were happening so fast. 

so wednesday I watched supernatural season one all day…  (*squee*  jensen ackles is so hawt.)   I spent some time watching supernatural and the 4400, and Invincible on tv (mark wahalberg is so hawt AND it’s an inspriting football story:  how could I NOT watch it?)  I missed fish night cause I needed the PAT.  and on thursday, I spent at least three hours on the interwebs looking at the lolobama website.  *sigh*  I was embarrassed about it, but after a while, I just made peace with it.  I really want obama to shake em up.  mostly I just want the bush administration to be over.   (take the L outta love and it’s OVA.)

started with september 11th, ended with a huge global financial meltdown.  yepper.  RIP republican party. 

I can haz hope?  I can haz job?  and not fuck it up too horribly? 

so…  I will be home this afternoon.  probably in time for my afternoon nap.  🙂

I loves you all and look forward to catching up and hearing about your respective weeks. 

*misses yous*
*is very grateful about the PAT*

loves, nanner

also roommies, thanks for the swift kick in the ass about the meds.  they’re really helping.  
I can haz CALM?