what is wrong with this country?


more WTF?

some dumbass college students thought it would be a JOKE?  thought it would be FUNNY? 
WTF were they SMOKING???  

if this is a prank – and I don’t believe them:  they were totally lying.  it is a prank made of FAIL.  and NOT-OKAYNESS.

5 thoughts on “WTF?”

    1. you are of course being sarcastic… but my god. why take it out on a bear? do bears have some sort of liberal agenda? that’s just mean-spirited AND morally wrong AND violent AND just plain wrong…


      1. yeah. they taught that when I was in catholic school that animals don’t have souls. but I totally don’t buy it: they have souls. they are life-forms with their own integrity. anyone who has ever met my dogs knows that animals go to heaven… except when they bark so much that I want to smack them over the head and… well, you know. I don’t smack them over the head though, because…

        although they are not “as sentient” as human beings, they are people too… and some damn bear doesn’t deserve to get killed and have his or her sacred body defaced just cause some damn stupid college kids have an agenda.

        it’s fucked up. that’s all I’m saying.


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