GAH! Election Day. And welcome to Gonzaga…

my day so far:

woke up with strange dreams around 5AM and I was not able to get back to sleep. 

7:50 AM – 8:15 AM:  pet the ever-insistent dogs. 
feed said dogs.  🙂  (they are precious but when they get in the way of making coffee, and I say "excuse me please!’  and they just walk ahead of me, separating me from the coffee…  I get all…  please!  excuse me!)

8:45 AM go to work.  it’s raining. 

do some work. 

10:45 AM go to job interview for a youth director position, at this methodist church – it takes 1 1/2 hours.  the reverend really nailed me to the wall about christology.  honestly, I don’t think that *everyone* needs to feel the same way about the risen christ.  but there are a lot of things about Wesleyan theology I do quite like.  so that was kind of fun, kind of awful.  if they don’t pick me it will be because I’m not as christo-centric as they might like.  but I meet all the other requirements. 

and it’s a $10 per hour/14 hours max per month.  so it’s not like they’re gonna attract people who have bills to pay or who don’t have other jobs.

12:30-1:15 PM go back to university. 
I got locked out of my office. 
I bought pizza, which was crappy (at David’s, unfortunately.  it had just sat there too long.) 

1:30 – 3:00 spent 1 1/2 hours tracking down the key to my office.  last week, the director here signed a form.  I took it over to a different building to get it signed.  then got the signed form yesterday afternoon.  

so today:  

I went to Human Resources.  filled out paperwork.

then I went to a different building.  the big one that looks like a castle.  student accounts was in the basement.  got my pic taken (in front of one of those university blankets — for some reason it was hung on the door.  and I look stoned.  gawd it’s awful) and an ID issued. 

stopped by the "voting day social" in a third building.  met one hot guy, and ran into another guy who I’d met last week. 

ate a cookie.  watched keith olbermann on msnbc on a huge screen.  he’s wearing a nice tie today. 

then got back into my car, headed over to plant services.  went into the wrong building.  inhaled some kind of pesticide or something that had me coughing for 5 minutes once I left the building.  which was the wrong building.

then I went into the right building, dropped off my form, and they will make the key for me.  I will have it tomorrow or the next day.

so I tell my boss all this, about it taking two-plus hours, and she says, "welcome to gonzaga." 

sorry belladonnalin.  but your alma mater has a lot of red tape and way too many offices to go to to get the DAMN KEY TO YOUR OFFICE.    

1.  Unity House:  where I work.  get green forms signed by the director (who is really cool.)
2.  key form signed by the dean:  CCASL building.  (pronounced "castle" so I thought it was a castle.)
3.  HR:   human resources.  a house somewhere on campus.  you walk in and there’s this half-door barricade.  you can’t see if anyone’s working…  there, you get a form that says you’re an employee and you need an ID.
4.  ADMIN building (looks like a castle):  take the form from HR and get a student ID.
5.  take student ID, and green key form to Plant Services, where they will make you a key.  
6.  go back there 2-3 days later and pick up key. 

I think this is less like "getting a key" and more like a scavenger hunt.  remember those days when it was FUN to run around from house to house trying to get stuff?  yeah I hated it when I was a kid.  


now I’m back in the office.  which is not locked. 

I’m going to a concert tonight.  that should be fun. 

what a mess.