Guernica by Dave Boling

great book.  I went to a reading of it at our local independent bookstore, Auntie’s last night.

being Basque… 

yeah well, it’s not for everybody. 

but this book totally is.  it’s about the lives of people who were affected by the bombing of Guernika in 1937, the basques.  Civilians, murdered in the street. 

But it’s also about family, and love, and survival, and the beauty that life has to offer.

the best moment of the night was when the author was talking about some of his critics, what they said.  They said "you make your Basque women characters too strong, too beautiful, too joyful, with the beautiful black hair and eyes, and the dancing…" 

his response was, "have you met many Basque women?  …cause I have — and it’s not exaggerating!"

pretty awesome.