OMG….. so hungover

okay.  so my dad’s gay.

this is not really a problem.  I’m okay with it.  my mom is still all bent outta shape about it, but I’m okay. 

but hanging out with my dad at the  gay bar…..

oh mah gawd.

I got so much more drunk than I should have last night and played pool with my dad and with some other people…

there was this REALLY HOT single straight guy named Trent who I flirted with all night.  he was really cute with his dimples and his man-coiffe.  I touched his body a lot.  I didn’t get his number.  that makes me sad.  cause I would totally call him and be all….  "SEX?"

it’s been a long dry spell for me people.  like all of 2008.

so why, why why…  do I get all hammered and get delivered home by my dad and I’m supposed to go to church today but how am I gonna get there cause my car is over at my dad’s?

yeah.  I go to church as well.  

unitarian universalist church.  of spokane.  triangulater hell. 


5 thoughts on “OMG….. so hungover”

    1. damn I’m glad we found each other on the internets.


      I’ve felt that there was a book in it somewhere for me — like “my dad’s gay and I never ever ever want to be married…

      but my dad cheated on my mom for long time (their whole marriage of 38 years AND would have joyfully taken that particular secret to his grave. BUT she found out and he tried to commit suicide. this was last year. it was pretty awful.

      but we get along well now. my mom was verbally abusive for years, so we don’t get along as well. but shit.

      I have had the GIGGLES *all* DAMN DAY. I’m just a happy girl. I just can’t believe I got that hammered hanging out with MY DAD.

      sorry you don’t get along with your dad though.

      my dad is a big ol goofy dude who loves bad television, in particular science fiction. and we’re very alike in temperament. he’s been cruising the gay bar scene (like we have TWO gay bars here in spokane) and it’s a lot better than where he used to meet guys.

      I really wish I had got that guys’ phone number and not been as ridiculously drunk. I don’t wanna be that drunk, especially around my dad, but it was really fun and I totally had a great time.

      🙂 I really did have a good day. knitting, watching supernatural, giggling a ton. life is good.



      1. shit your parents were married longer than mine! My dad moved out when I was in highschool, for awhile I didn’t talk to him because he was a dick to me/my lil bro/my mom but then I tried reconnecting. He was still a dick though and tried to stick me with health insurance bills that he owed. 😦

        I’m glad your dad is okay now n you guys get to hang out and get drunk together! He sounds like a couple of my friends dads who are totally adorkable.


      2. sorry that happened to you. sounds like your dad has some growing up to do. what’s up with that? trying to stick you will bills? that’s not okay.

        so. yeah. my dad is totally adorkable.

        we get along just fine.

        how’s thing with your honey?


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