happy thanksgiving

for my american friends…

for the rest of you — it’s awesome I have non-american friends.  to you:  happy thursday in November.

I’m thankful for:
a place to live
people who care about me
mom and dad
americorps job
and their doggies
my car, my freedom
a soft warm bed with warm blankies
reconnecting with people I haven’t heard from in ages in facebook
christian kane, for music that makes me horny
supernatural, for hot guys who fight evil
knitting – making things out of string
(remembering my grandma and all the love that was in her knitting and how I would just wrap myself in it on hard days)
two restful days at the office

and that should be enough for now.

happy holiday everyone.  remember to be nice to your family.

(cause that’s why we all love the holidays — we remember why we left home in the first place.)

oh snarky comment, get outta my sentimental post.