Ahh, JOSS.

I’ve missed you. 

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog had its’ moments.  and my roommate has all SEVEN seasons of Buffy on disc.  So we get our fix.  But a new show? 

DO Tell?!

I’m looking forward to seeing a show where I don’t know what’s happened already.  (e.g. I keep watching Firefly to find if there’s some nuance I haven’t noticed before.  I’ve watched the Pilot with commentary about three times now.  who’s a bigger Joss-nerd than I?) 

I also love Mother Jones. 

Two of my obsessions unite:


in other news, I have gone grocery shopping, changed the burned-out light bulbs in the kitchen with the fancy lasts-five-years-is-good-for-the-environment-eco-bulbs, (which are BRIGHT.  but that’s okay cause the kitchen should be bright.  but BRIGHT?  I’m not sure.)
cleaned my room!  (yippee!) vaccummed my room, vacuumed my HEPA filter, and done two loads of laundry.  

god.  imagine what I could do with MORE days off???