kay…. one leg warmer down….

one to go. 

kay so as of now, mcfoo can have one warm leg.  πŸ™‚  I finished up the first legwarmer last night before I played pool.  (I lost.  but I had a good time doing it and made a few good shots.)

AND I went to buy more yarn, and it wasn’t at fred meyer.  so tonight I will go to the yarn store. 

danger danger will robinson!!!

now I will know what others have talked about, what I have only known through bookstores….  it’s addictive.  I saw some yarn I wanted to make some legwarmers for myself with but I restrained.  (go me.) 

mcfoo needs two warm legs!!! 

maybe if I get enough yarn I can make her a matching scarf.  (don’t tell her though… jk.)

making presents with string for other people is FUN!


and more….  πŸ™‚

okay flist. 

lemme know if I can make you a scarf.  πŸ™‚ 

6 thoughts on “kay…. one leg warmer down….”

  1. hehe.
    i so wish i could stitch. but i just can’t. my hands don’t work well enough to not pay absolute attention to it, and my patience won’t put up with only paying attention to that.


      1. I have two of very different types. One’s a kinda hipster red multi one and the other’s a muted several-color pattern. I also have some big “pashmina” shawls. But I’d totally take another.


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