a good time was had by … somebody else.

my co-worker and I need to have some sort of "boundary talk" where I’m all:

"I really don’t want to date you cause I don’t want to lose my job and you’re the boss’s son and it would be bad."

"stop being such a jackass."

"please, please remember that you are in a position of somewhat-authority over me and this could constitute as sexual harassment."

"don’t fart in front of me cause that’s gross and it makes me want to PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE."

he does deliberate stuff like that to piss me off.

the sad thing is, it works.

he’s just dumb and stuck in the 7th grade or whatever. so that’s kinda my day.  so…  yay for wierd boundaries with the boss’s son!

I’m over it!!!

in other news, I got the HUGE ASS database to export into my email account. but it all imported in the wrong fields. so I’ll be cutting and pasting about 900 entries today.


LJ:  plz to help with awkward work situation?

ETA:  I had a chat with him yesterday where I just said, "M, you crossed the line.  I think sometimes that you do things deliberately to upset me and that’s not okay."  He apologized. 

It occurs to me now that this might be him testing the boundaries of our working relationship – that maybe he’s never worked with someone like me before and that he doesn’t quite know how to respond.  and/or that he doesn’t know how to "talk to girls." 

I just want it to be easier.  but I will have to maintain the boundary of our "working relationship" and that’s a lot of work.


as Moody would say, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" 

stupid boys.

10 thoughts on “a good time was had by … somebody else.”

    1. (none taken…)

      (but then again, i’m probably not assertive enough to tell you even if i was, but that’s another issue entirely. Yay patriarchal expectation!)

      Would you like me to talk to him, since i’ve known him a bit longer? While i would honestly doubt the situation is meant to be malicious, the issue needs to be raised.

      Also, the punches in the face probably won’t be the best long-term solution.


      1. Re: (none taken…)


        thanks. I do not really want to offend you. I like you! 🙂

        I think it would be even more triangulation for you to talk to Mal for me. I was actually a little uncomfortable last night @ deep chat – I kept thinking, “Oh crap. Jon and Mal are friends etc etc.” I know you are able to keep confidences. I do trust you to keep what we talked about in confidence. (so thanks for that.)

        I also think it’s something i need to do. I need to strategize etc etc.

        thank you *so much* for the offer though. it’s nice to have support.

        AND if I piss you off, you need to let me know. cause I’m not a mind reader. you should not feel like you need to apologize for your feelings, needs, or wants. ever. (I mean that when I say it. it’s best to know these sorts of things, you know?)




      2. Re: (none taken…)

        oh and I wouldn’t punch him in the face.

        that would cause more problems than it would solve.

        but admitting that I WANT to punch him in the face lets off some steam….


    2. MOM is the top. a three person organization. we’ll just have to figure it out.

      now – I’m venting. after done venting, then it’s time to strategize. 🙂

      thanks for the love…


  1. No punching! don’t think or type it!

    Tell him you are uncomfortable and see what happens. If he is not completely ignorant, he will respect this. If not, call your AmeriCorps contact and get solid, professional advice.


    1. thanks J. I would not *actually* punch him in the face. but I WANT to. then I remind myself that violence creates more problems than it solves…

      thanks for the love though. it’s nice to know people care… 🙂


  2. It sucks working for a family business (or business with lots of relatives working there) without being the family. But I would just be straight with whoever the boss is, if they’re professional AT ALL they’ll know the situation is bad and needs to change. Good luck!


    1. trudat.

      I just don’t know that the boss would take it right… cause you know he’s her son and mammas tend to have blinders on about that sort of thing. I talked to him yesterday. he apologized.

      so I just guess we’ll have to do round three… see what happens. (by round three I mean we’ve had this chat before)




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