work day


after crappy cold coffee from the organic fair trade coffee place (I know, the irony, right?)

so I walked into the office this morning — but it was already opened!  by my boss, who normally isn’t there.  at 9AM.  so…  wondering what was up, she said she "needed to talk." 


she has a memo. 

with four things that I need to work on. 

this was just out of the clear blue sky.  although yesterday I did tell her that my relationship with her son, after several boundary talks, was getting better.

so…  I’ve been cruising the internet.  yes, it’s true.  not for porn or anything bad.  just LJ and facebook.  oh and email.  and news. 

so…  I wasn’t supposed to do that.  BAD ME.

whack me on the wrist, fine.

but make up other stuff about me?  that I’m not doing? 

that sucks. 

so after my meeting with my boss, in which I tell her point blank about the sexual harassment from her son (he accused me of "leading him on") she defers.  doesn’t really hear it. 

look at my shocked face. 

so after that, I go to the americorps office, where I get sympathy, advice, and cooing noises. 

and a strategy:  I could jump ship, and/or salvage the work relationship I have.  although since my boss said "we need to re-build some trust," I’m just totally confident that this will happen.

My supervisor doesn’t really have a lot of supervisory experience.  and she’s enmeshed with her job…  so enmeshed that she and her newspaper are one.  therefore transition which includes others, like myself, will be hard. 

also, it occurred to me that the boss’s son has the same problem that I had with my mom:  he’s enmeshed.   he’s got the same problem of family dynamics that I had with my mom.  he’s enmeshed.  he livces in her house and works for her.  he "likes" me, I reject him…  and therefore he takes it out on me!  super!  (oh wait.  that’s sarcasm.)  


stupid stupid stupid.

one of my co-workers at americorps recommends Irish whiskey.

I’m poor.  gotta scottish blend.  not gonna get hammered, though.  cause I’ve been doing that too often.

thanks for listening and for cooing noises.

comments are e-love. 

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