yes more snow.

kay everyone.  I’m hanging out in my pajamas on mom’s couch – I’m snowed in at mom’s.

there are no hot guys around to amuse me or to edify my physical desires.  damn. 

(and I left my "personal love kit" at home.)  what is the other name for it?  ahh… yess…  "battery operated boyfriend."   yes, excellent.  

from now on, I’m taking that damn thing with me wherever I go!  well, except work, cause that would be bad. 

I had a dream this morning where me and my co-worker were all entwined and kissing.   bad!  bad!  if only christian kane or jensen ackles or brian austen green would get in my pants, I would not have this problem!  meanwhile, I’m nicotine-deprived at mom’s house and bouncing off the walls.  for more than one reason… 

oh.  and I finished one legwarmer and started on the other.  more angel, more joss whedon, more knitting.  life is super very good.

mom loves the scarf I knit her!!!

hope you’re having a great day!