oh snow….

so I drove around in the snow today.  after shovelling, and shovelling. 

the snowblower kept freezing up on us so I suggested we put it in the basement.  so the house kinda smells like gas.  😦

I have bunnymcfoo here cause she’s gonna go to the airport tomorrow at the butt-crack of dawn…  and I’m gonna drive her! 

had a nice chat with Pinn today.  she’s sleeping in my bed cause she’s stuck in spokane until the airports in seattle and portland open up… 

AND Mcfoo and I are gonna watch Friday Night Lights later.  Mcfoo says "it’s about football in the same way that Angel is about blood-sucking.  kinda a little bit but not all of it."

so life is good.

mcfoo also says I’m gonna have a crush on Tim Riggins (aka Taylor Kitch) but I just looked him up on IMDB and I’m so not.

she says he’s like Christian Kane’s baby brother but hotter.

I yelled back, "No one is hotter than Christian Kane!  no one!  do you hear me!  not even Jensen Ackles is as hot as Christian Kane (but he comes close)!" 

so we’re gonna eat shepherd’s pie, watch FNL, and have a super duper evening.

life is good friends.  life is good. 

ETA  3/3/09:  I totally have fallen for TIm Riggins’ big dumb face.  and his big dumb body.  his HOT big dumb body.  mcfoo is, yet again, prophetic.  *sigh*  But I still think Kane is hotter… 

6 thoughts on “oh snow….”

  1. *grins* Christian Kane is pretty hot I have to admit Jensen would be my choice, *grins* more so Jared, lol.

    *hug* Have a good Christmas nif I don’t catch you, good luck with the snow!


    1. I would fantastize about being in bed with Jenny – but I like Kane more… besides, it’s kind of a joke between us. she had a pic of him up on her computer and I petted it and said, “chrisian kane…. nom nom nom…” and she yelled back, “quit touching my husband!” so it’s just kinda funny that she *betrayed* him for this upstart taylor kitch… sigh.

      we had a good time watching FNL and drooling over the hotness of the eye candy in that show… there are some damn hot people in FNL…. nom nom nom


      merry xmas to you as well… enjoy the hot weather. I’ll pretend to enjoy the snow!


  2. *laughs* I literally gasped when I read “No one is hotter than Christian Kane! no one! do you hear me! not even Jensen Ackles is as hot as Christian Kane.” I… *stammers* I just don’t even know what to think anymore. (I read strange Castiel/Dean fanfic [porn] today… I think my soul is tainted now.)


    1. wait….

      are you agreeing or disagreeing? cause Jenny is hot – I just like Chris(ty) more…

      and I’m sorry your soul is tainted.

      I read some Dean/Cas porn which took place in a CHURCH of all places. so that tainted me pretty hard. geeze. I feel ya on that one.


      1. I *heart* Jensen a little too much. I liked Christian better when he had short hair, but I see the attraction, for sure.

        about the Dean/Castiel porn, though? I don’t even know why I did it. I KNEW it was going to be porntacular, & that I don’t like it when the fans pair Dean & Castiel, or Dean & Sam (Wincest = ew!). so what the heck. I’m just crazy.


      2. I have to agree with you about the *ew* of Wincest. I know, I know, so many people “our age” – their introduction to sex was “flowers in the attic” which is incest-galore. ew.

        I missed that chapter in the literary evolution of my generation. gladly, I might add. I missed it gladly.

        and the Dean/Cas porn… I’m kinda like… “whatever…” the one in a church kinda messed with me. sex in a church? I can see it being hot… but then, there’s SEX in a CHURCH.

        I need to get caught up on season 4… I’ve been missing the episodes. and I watched the first five minutes or so of the episode with the strippers… and at, “dude, STRIPPERS” I kinda had to walk away from the television.

        I like Christian better with short hair – but after watching a *whole season* of Leverage last Tuesday (sick days ROCK!), it’s kinda growing on me.

        it cracks my shit *up* when he does a hair toss or pushes it violently out of his face with both hands. yeah, Chris. you’re obsessed with your hair. not unlike SNAPE.

        I would like to tell him that he can still be a rockstargod with short hair… but who knows? maybe it’s what he wants to look like. which is fine with me.


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