happiness is…

watching your dog (your big dumb dog)

play in the snow,

and watching angel and knitting.

I’m thankful for many things this christmas season.

people who love me

dumb dogs who play in the snow

angel and christian kane (nom nom nom on evil hand guy)

music  (I just finished singing along to “dixie chicken” on my ipod.)


mom and dad.

personal alone time

a job which suits my abilities and talents and time off from said job

safe houses

my big ol SUV (I know I’m an evil planet destroyer, sorry)
which gets me around in the snow (of which we have about five feet on the ground and it’s still falling)


clean clothes

knitting for friends

clean socks 🙂

and LJ friends from all around our little planet…

MWAH!  (a big MWAH from me to you!)