where I am…


So I travelled all day.  which was tiring and exhausting and I’m so glad just to be somewhere not in the air or in an airport or on a plane.  

Let me just sum up and add more details later.

I am so glad that my dad’s side of the family loves to laugh. 

oh my god so grateful. 

My dad and my cousin Frank picked me up from the airport, and we met other cousins and their daughter (who is 18 and fantastic) and we all went out to dinner together. 

We just laughed and laughed and teased each other and ate and drank a few beers…  Dad and FRank and DD had margheritas.  Dennis and I had beers. 

God we had such a  good time.

At one point in the conversation, I think I got a little teary and said, "well, you know.  I was preparing myself for lots of sad stories about MomMom…  but I sure wasn’t expecting to laugh so much." 

I was reassured that that’s how this family operates.  When we get together, we laugh and tell stories and have a good time.

I am so grateful. 

and completely exhausted. 

so I will sign off now. 

thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for me and my family.

"the confrontation with my brother" hasn’t happened yet.  I guess he gets in tomorrow.  I don’t look forward to it.  But I am completely braced and bolstered by a really good evening with all this joy and laughter with my family. 

yay universe!  go you!  

now I will go to sleep…