happy to be back home

soo…  the funeral.

the past three days felt like three months. 

my brother who I’m having a fight with did not say one word to me during the entire weekend. 

my gramma, who we always called MomMom, is buried now and at rest. 

Wow.  the minister did a great job of hitting the high points while not dwelling on the  bad stuff.  he did a really good job. 

dad told a story about a christmas tree they cut down (it was a charlie brown christmas tree) and MomMom decorated it with string and lights and cotton.  everyone said it was beautiful. 

I told a story about when MomMom was getting on in years, we had to find a card game that she could play because she always loved cards.  So we found Aggravation Rummy, which had its own cheat sheet.  So she came to my graduation from seminary, and we sat in the pit (student union) and playes aggravation rummy, and I kept feeding her cards that she needed and she got so mad…

and the minister came right back after I was finished, saying "I don’t like to hear about cheating at seminary!"  which was pretty funny. 

I think the younger of the two ministers paid a little too much attention to me.  but my flirtation/sexual harrassment gauge is so off he might as well as have hauled off and kissed me and I woulda said, "what a nice young man!"

…  and in an unrelated topic, yet it segues into the rest of my evening.

mcfoo is yet again prophetic:  I have totally fallen for Tim Riggins.  

*shakes fist at mcfoo!*

2 thoughts on “happy to be back home”

    1. hey ann-

      thanks. I’m still pretty tired but the sun is out and I slept really well last night and I feel a hell of a lot better.

      I think it’s just as exhausting for me to be around people (even though they’re my family and I love them very much) and to be ferried around all the time… maybe I’m turning more and more into an introvert…

      thank you for the hugs.

      I need them. 🙂

      and my brother needs a swift kick in the ass. or the head.

      (do they have that expression “swift kick in the ass” in australia?)

      thank you very much.

      *hugs you back*

      I’m not sure if I’m okay. per se. I think today I will write and reflect and maybe spend some time with friends in the afternoon. maybe not.

      I may just get out of bed for coffee and smokes and the bathroom… who knows? I’m gonna play it by ear.

      I took tomorrow off. so I have some bills which need paying. and my room is a mess. and the house is a mess (largely not my fault roommies 1&2 bought a house so it’s like the apocalypse in my living room cause they’re packing).

      thank you for asking.

      it was really hard, seeing my brother and having him not talk to me. it’s fine that he’s all butt-hurt. but how long should one carry a grudge? should one carry a grudge to a funeral? are funerals neutral places where cessation of hostility may take place?

      he is so angry all the time and I used to be so afraid of his anger. but I’m not anymore. so we’ll see I suppose.

      it’s like the north-going zax and the south-going zax. everybody else built the whole world around the two of them cause they wouldn’t budge.

      *deep breath*

      thanks a lot for the e-love. I need it!


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