better news, honest (or Boys Who Are Not Stupid by Anna Marie Martin, Age 13)

hey so.  My friend Mike is cooking me dinner – steak and vegetables.  I don’t even know how I feel about steak, but I’m told asparagus in involved.  and wine.

so my day is about to get significantly better!

If I start listing the things I’m grateful for I will probably cry, but here goes:

Jon (my hero) thanks for being there for me today via the internets.  thanks for praying for me and my family when my gramma died.  you are awesome.

dinner by Mike.  honestly.  steak?  asparagus?  I’m an AmeriCorps volunteer.  I can’t even fantasize about being able to afford steak – it’s too expensive!  but he invited me over and I’m gonna go in a minute here…   he even called and told me I didn’t need to worry about bringing anything.  and I’m sure when I see him he’s gonna give me a Big Hug.  cause he’s a Big Dude, and he gives Big Hugs.  He’s a total gooey bear underneath all that toughness.

compassion from Rev. Richard.  we talked on the phone today and he just walked me through it with a lot of love and sympathy and cooing noises.  thank you!

the people and food at Unity House.  So I work at a “house office,” an office that used to be a house.  I came in from a cigarette break and there were a few unityhouseworkers in the kitchen, and they looked at me, asked if I was okay…  asked me if I needed a hug, which I did, and which they gave me freely.  I almost cried.  They made sympathetic cooing noises, agreed boys are DUMB.  boys are STUPID.   (except the boys mentioned in this post, and Ian, who works in the GLBT center downstairs and who is completely adorable.  Even he agreed that boys are dumb.  I want to fold his big shiny smile and carry it around with me in my pocket) and gave me hugs.

my landlord:  called and asked me what was up.  apparently his sister didn’t tell him that they moved out.  what nonsense!  He was really nice to me and I’m totally grateful for that…

so the boys who are not stupid who I like are:  Jon (my hero), Jordan, Mike and Rev. Richard.  and my dad.  but he doesn’t count as a stupid boy because he’s my dad and made of awesomeness and sugarey goodness.

time for me to get some steak!

Jon – you get TWO tags…  see if you can figure them out…  🙂

2 thoughts on “better news, honest (or Boys Who Are Not Stupid by Anna Marie Martin, Age 13)”

  1. Thanks.

    Would they be the ones that say, “Jon”?

    Oh, and, fyi, it’s probably best for me to not be your hero because:

    1. i’m not really supposed to talk about any superpowers i may or may not possess,
    2. Putting lads on pedestals merely makes for spectacular falls.

    i hope the steak was good, and am glad you haven’t given up on dudes completely. Some of us are alright.

    Blessings to you!


    1. Jon you are not on a pedestal. honest. I swear. I know you’re afraid of heights.

      as to your “alleged” possession or not of superpowers… what? I never heard or said anything about superpowers. I have seen you in tights and a cape, though. you might want to stop wearing them around, you know…

      It’s just that things have been so crazy and I’ve been so upset … and you’ve been nice. that’s all. I’m not taking it for anything besides what it is – you being nice, which is who you are… I promise.



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