great news (she said sarcastically)

so ….

after my brother not speaking to me at my grandmother’s funeral (jackass) …

and my former roommates “moving out” and leaving half their shit in the living room, and the other half in their bedroom, including all their clothes, a filing cabinet, their RATS and their SNAKE … and leaving all their paintings/wall decorations/etc…  and taking all my damn SPICES which I wanted to cook with yesterday.  (I actually found rosemary in the kitchen…  damn lucky too.  cause  I wanted to punch them in the face…)

… and then my former roommates leaving the house looking like my own personal apocalypse…

and then saying that they will come “when resources are available” to pick up the rest of their shit (meaning the one doesn’t have a car and the other, who does, is too busy I guess, dealing with lawyers)

and putting me in a position where I cleaned up after them.  again.  for four hours on sunday afternoon.

…I actually cried I was so angry.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that.  normally I just yell and rant and punch the air…  but I cried I was so angry…

what happens now?

my former boyfriend calls to tell me he’s found my three extended Lord of the Rings movies.  and he wants to get them back to me.  he got bleach on one of my favorite shirts that he stole from me…  and he wants to get the shirts and the DVDs back to me but he needs to find the shirts first…

…and he’s moved in with a woman named Shannon…  not very far away from where I live now…

great…  wonderful.

what would I like to say about this?  I wonder?  what am I thinking right now?

he was a lousy lay towards the end…  I mean awful.  I hope they’re happy…

stupid boys (no offense Jon.)  I swear to god you are the only man I like right now…  (okay maybe Obama but I don’t know him personally)

I told him he could keep the shirt he got bleach on.

not. on.

ETA:  I just talked with my landlord (who happens to be rommie #2’s baby brother) and he said he would come over this weekend to help clean up the mess.  and he has a truck.  and he apologized and said it was not okay.  and he listened to me rant, and told me it sounded like I needed to rant and that it was fine and I wasn’t destroying his day or anything…

so I like him.  so the boys who are not stupid who I like are:  Jon (my hero), Jordan, Mike and Rev. Richard.  and my dad.  but he doesn’t count as a stupid boy because he’s my dad and made of awesomeness and sugarey goodness.

I’m gonna go home early from work I think.

6 thoughts on “great news (she said sarcastically)”

  1. *snerk*

    Tell them you’re auctioning the stuff to pay for your cleaning services, for animal care, and for repurchasing the things they stole from you, along with any rent you’re not missing.

    I personally would rehome the animals, because no one should leave them because they “don’t have resources” without warning you. Serious irresponsibility.


    1. thanks.

      honestly. as they left yesterday, they were like “rats don’t need to eat every day… they only eat every other day…”

      and I was like, “fine. I fed them. but you’re out of kibble.” if they die I will feel really bad.

      I’m so mad I’m just fuming. honestly, universe: is it my turn to have another shitty day? really?


    1. Re: (all serious conversations, friend listening skills and empathy from before aside)

      you are my hero, Jon. of course you get your own tag.

      I just wanna go home and go back to bed… honestly.


  2. *hugs* Can you ebay the stuff left? Get some money, maybe buy loads of spices and laugh in the face of the evil leaver?

    Men can be shits. I’d be highly wary of why he’s contacted you, unless you guys are friends or something? Even if he is giving you stuff back, sometimes that’s just an excuse for something or other.

    Is your brother being nicer to you now, or does he need an arse-belting?


    1. thank you for commenting and sharing… I don’t think I’m there yet – auctioning their stuff. but I am about ready to throw it all in the one foot of snow remaining in the yard. I won’t do that though. that’s just mean-spirited. I wanna hold true to my central beliefs of niceness.

      I swear to god this has been such a mess. roommie #1 defriended me from her flist. and one of her friends who actually slept in my bed the last time she came over cause I was house-sitting at my mom’s and she was stuck because of the snow. yeah she de-friended me as well. nice, huh?

      wow. LJ usually makes things better, but maybe this time it made it worse… it’s like – this ranty post – how I really feel – has consequences. it’s fine. I will accept consequences of owning how I feel. but roommies #1&2 were SO in the wrong, in the first place, leaving like they did… and if they don’t know that, they should.

      I guess I should consider my friendship with roommie #1 as “former.” that makes me sad. I did lose a lot of respect for them the way they chose to move out. before they left, I was actually looking forward to being friends with them again – cause the friendship had devolved.

      fine, roommie #1. fine. if that’s your plan, I suppose I will have to live with it: but I don’t have to like it and I don’t have to put up with your bullshit anymore. (the sad thing is we were actually kinda close…)

      and yes of course my brother still needs an arse-belting.

      I think what made me break down yesterday – just one more thing on the load of things that are already too much of a burden for me… you know? you can carry 7 things around but not 8.

      honestly. I didn’t want my ex-lover to steal my shirts. but he did. or to take my LOTR extended dvds for so long. but he did. I just didn’t harass him about it because I just had other things on my mind.

      I hope he doesn’t want anything, honestly. it was kind of “a breakup of attrition,” really. we sort of just grew apart. I think it had a lot to do with all the therapy I was doing, and I was working so hard to get my life together and move out of my mom’s basement and get a job etc etc… I just kind of outgrew him.

      we talked on the phone after we broke up (in March), and he even went to a party we had in the summer. he called me in november to tell me he’d got laid off (which was planned, and how he gets to go to school courtesy of NAFTA)… but he just moved in with this woman. I don’t know. maybe he wanted to gloat.

      wow. this is a post-length response. maybe I should LJ cut?

      thanks for being there…

      *hugs you*


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