then I saw her face! yeah I’m a believer!

I took the quiz but couldn’t upload the graphic right.

You are a Self-Knowing Extroverted Believer

ETA: it’s pretty damn cool when people unite over the internets. maybe I join bandwagon it and make my own damn list. it would include:
*financial independence
*being debt free
*travel (south america, mexico, berlin, paris, massachusetts, new york)
*lose 80 pounds (that I got 60 of after I moved to spokane and ate three meals a day)
*do pastoral counseling
*decide whether or not to be ordained and follow through with either path. (I’m stuck now. I think I want to be ordained, then something awful happens.)
*pay off my student loans
*write a screenplay; get it sold; get it produced; see the movie that I wrote.
*learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time
*forgive ex-lovers, my brother… maybe.
*own my own home where no one can kick me out