update on the former roommate drama

hey friends.

well, last Thursday our landlord presented the house’s gas/electric (Avista) bill to me.  It was $250 overdue.  It was also a shut-off notice.  It actually totalled almost $440.  That’s more than our rent, by the by.

Oh.  Also, the water/garbage bill is $60 past due and totals $124.

That’s $564 in overdue bills, for you math-ey folks.  Plus the cable bill, which was cut off in December, and restored by mcfoo to the tone of $214.

So. Friday, I called a non-profit here in Spokane, SNAP (Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs).  It’s a really lovely non-profit that does a lot of wonderful things for people here.  They do really good social justice work.

So I called them and explained that we had a shut-off notice, that the roommates were supposed to be paying the bill, that they weren’t etc.  I had an appointment yesterday.  The SNAP worker, Gail, called Avista, gave the lady the account number, and the lady said the bill had not been paid.  So Gail paid it.  Yay!  They’re not gonna shut off our gas/electric bill for non-payment!

Thank you God!  Thank you SNAP!  That you people in Spokane who contribute to Project Share!  Thank you W, for the economic recession we’re in!

I called mcfoo after the meeting was over, and then went home cause she was there.  She comforted me marvellous much.  She told me “you’re stronger than this” and held me while I cried.  I cried again yesterday.  Cried because I was so angry and disappointed.  She held me and made cooing noises and listened and she really was helpful.

She said she thought the meeting with SNAP had been cancelled because the former roommates *told* us they’d paid it.  She said she would have gone with me.  I said it was okay.  I replied with, “they’ve been lying a lot to us lately.  So I thought it would be best just to go to the meeting and see what happened.”  Besides, we didn’t have a paper trail about the bill being paid…  But mostly it was because they’ve been lying to us a lot lately.  That’s mostly why I went.  Also, I didn’t want the electricity to be turned off.  Cause we have a fireplace, but, you know.  I don’t really know how to start a fire in a fireplace that won’t put a lot of smoke in the living room.

The thing mcfoo said, “it’s likely former roommate A is lying to former roommate B and roommate B is choosing to believe it.”  see? anonymity.  so, if that’s the case and they made a payment that hadn’t posted by Tuesday, the current charges of $200 will be paid – no problem.  If they didn’t, they didn’t.  We’re fucked over.  They should have told us back in november or december that the bills were not getting paid.  Cause we coulda pitched in then, and there wouldn’t have been this damn shut-off notice.

Odd thing is – my name appears nowhere on the bill.  I could walk into Avista, start a new account, and leave the mess for the landlord & former roommates A&B to clean up.  The bill is in the landlord’s name because he used to live there.  (and I imagine he never thought his sister would srew him over like this.)  But that’s not how I operate with right & wrong.  And it’s shitty that the landlord is being screwed like this by his older sister.  Yeah.  More family drama.  Not my family, but family drama nonetheless.  Anyway, he dropped it in my lap.  I tried to do the right thing with it.

Apparently they had a house-warming party this past Saturday.  Guess who was NOT invited?

They have not picked up the remainder of their shit.  They have picked up their rats but not their hibernating snake.  I don’t know how to take care of snakes.  If the poor thing dies, I will feel bad.  But apparently, snakes don’t eat when they hibernate.  So maybe…  maybe… the fact that he hasn’t moved for the past three days means that he’s hibernating and not dead.  Really, the snake is an innocent victim and I would feel bad if he died.

I have packed up the remaining items from the kitchen, which includes:  most of their dishes, all of their silverware, several pots and pans, and other assorted items.

After my rant-y post two weeks ago, I was defriended by them and multiple friends of theirs.

Why:  because I complained about it.  They did a shitty thing:  they left badly.  I can’t complain about it?  Granted, my post was ranty and mean, and vivid.  (I’ve since made it private.)

But honestly:  I’m not in the wrong here.  They are.  Me ranting about how they fucked me over should not be cause for them getting all-butt-hurt.  Really?  Maybe?  I’m not sure.

So I knew I lost of respect for them.  I guess now I really hate their guts.  I actually don’t get pleasure from hating people.  It’s really not worth my energy to hold a grudge.  This has just been one bad turn after another, though.  I get over one thing, and BLAM!  the next aspect of their leftover drama ensues!  I don’t hate them:  I just want something from them that I’m not likely to get.  So that’s disappointing.

There has been a pleasant email from my end and a nasty email from their end regarding the bills.  Former roommie B sent me this nasty email about how talking to me sends her into anxiety – honestly?  I don’t give a shit about her anxiety right now.  What I would like is for them to get the rest of their shit out of my house, pay the damn overdue bills, and never speak to me again.

I really hate it when friendships end badly.  I much prefer separation by attrition, or growing apart slowly, or, you know, you move away or graduate and lose touch with someone accidentally.
but this?  this fury?  this sucks.

In other news, my bank account was overdrawn this weekend, but I was put back topside by my dad (thank you) and a check from my minister at my new job.  (thank you)  and one of my minister friends said she would use her discretionary fund to pay some of my back rent.  (Thank you.)

I have some different friends, who also know the former roommates, who have listened to me rant and cry, and commiserated, and fed me meals, and offered me company.  So I’m also hugely thankful for that as well.  And they went away last weekend so I house-sat for them, and they’re going away this weekend, so I’m house-sitting for them again this weekend.  which means personal alone time away from the drama.  with a really cute, bouncy dog named Bosco.  (thank you and thank you.)   and some QUIET.  which, honestly, would be great.

Bosco’s dad is taking me to Underworld tonight.  Cause I don’t have a lot of cash to pay for a ticket.  (He says, “it’s gonna be the best movie ever!”)  I don’t know about that, but:  vampires, werewolves, swords, horses, hot women running around in leather pants?  I’m not sure you can go wrong, you know what I’m saying?

So I genuinely have a lot to be thankful for.  I am carried by friends and prayers and well-wishes.

3 thoughts on “update on the former roommate drama”

  1. buh. I know the old, old story of the empty bank account. I paid all my bills for the month yesterday. In one day. I still have some money. That hasn’t happened in more than 2 years.

    Of course, it’s all because of the loan from my grandfather, but that’s not the point.

    Things will get better. I’d advise a solid application and sublease agreement with future roommates. I’ll never rent from an individual again without a written agreement.


    1. thanks for the sympathy…

      it’s nice you have a loan. I got one from my dad. what a mess.

      be well…

      I just saw underworld rise of the lycans. YEEE-AAAAH BAYYBEEE. it was kind of a gore fest. but awesome. 🙂


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