We all know that Firefly is awesome.   I know you’re thinking — "How, if possible, could Firefly get any better?"

It’s hard to believe… 

yet, my friends, yet…


you get to see so much up close and personal.  and we watched with friends last night and it was AWESOME.

one person hadn’t seen it yet.  and I watched it with a new friend…  a boy.  who is still quasi in love with his "quasi ex-girlfriend."  yeah, that guy who friends me on facebook Friday (cause we were friends on myspace) then IM chats with me for a few hours, then plays pool with me on Friday and Saturday nights…  Saturday was singles awareness day..  I had a great time! 

then invited me over to his house on sunday to watch Firefly.  bizarre, huh?  he has really good friends who I liked a lot.  we might actually become friends in real life, rather than just IM friends.  I think I’d like that… 

so, sunday afternoon, my friend Richard (who is married) had a conversation with me that went as follows:

A:  "Yeah, so I’m going over to a friends house to watch Firefly."

R:  "Is it a date?"

A:  "I’m not really sure.  I think there will be a group of us, but they’re all going to be new to me…  I might need you to be that girlfriend who calls me about a half an hour after the date starts…  you know….  to see how it’s going."

R:  "Oh.  a ‘your grandmother fell off the roof’ kind of call."

A:  "Yes.  you know.  Your cat died, your mom got in a wreck.  some disastrous news that gives you an opt-out if it goes badly.  you know.  that sort of thing."

R:  "ah.  Gramma fell off the roof.  got it."

He proceeds to tell me this horrid joke (which is hilarious.)  yeah.  a guy goes on vacation….

good times, people, good times. 

I’m even more in love with HOTTIES IN SPACE…  cause they look even prettier on blu-ray with a flat screen with a good sound system.  

I think it’s great that the consensus was "Jaynestown" is everyone’s favorite episode.

…  which just confirms for me, really, that Joss Whedon ought to abandon television and become a writer of musicals.  perhaps even bollywood-style musicals.  in space. 


5 thoughts on “okay.”

    1. yeah. it would be like proof that god loves us all… and has a pretty kick-ass sense of humor… 🙂

      don’t for get the “in space.”

      that’s all I’m saying: Joss Whedon. Bollywood. Outer Space. yepper.

      (although I would settle for Angel/Firefly crossover fanfic.)


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