okay, lungs: you win. I fail.

or:  "but not today cause I feel like death warmed over and I smell like menthol."

so my respiratory system is at present clogged.  with lovely gooey tannish-orange phlegm. 

oh phlegm:  we have such a love affair, don’t we?  too bad it’s you loving me and me not loving you.  "no really, it’s not you.  it’s me."

list of anna’s home remedies: 

I keep moaning because it makes my throat feel a little better.

hot tea:  drinking it.  holding it against my sternum.

Vicks-Vapo-Rub:  I am not even kidding I put that on my chest this morning and it honestly helps.  I might be ready for Round Two of VVR, but honestly?  maybe I’m just lonely and need to touch my boobs more.  (oh sorry.  TMI)

salt-water:  gargling it.  it is absolutely disgusting, but it does help.
uhhh…   nebulizer treatments.  (for those of you who don’t know what a neb treatment is…  it’s albuterol, injected by a machine with air, and made uhhh … breatheable.  sort of like holding your head over a steamy pot of water, but with albuterol.  which makes you jittery like you would NOT BELIEVE.   like you’re in some kind of roller coaster or bumpy highway in a car with no shocks but from the inside…)  

yeah.  neb treatments.  I can only do about five minutes of breathing in that stuff before my lungs convulse and spit out more of the aforementioned phlegm.

a haiku: 
oh phlegm.  better out
than in, I always say. 
my throat really hurts

so umm….  

in other news, I should not have gone out to the bar last night to play pool and hang out with friends.  but I did.  my computer is back.  so hopefully I will post less at work and more at home…   in other news, I have a new friend!!!  (shout trwig.  you rock.  I’m glad we’re friends)  and I did actually win one or two games of pool last night.  I think.  I had a really good time. 

Friday Night Lights is still awesome, and I’m a little bit of the way through Battlestar Gallactica season two.  nom nom nom.  everyone in space is hot.  and everyone in space gets laid.  everyone in television gets laid.  I want to be in space. or on television.  ….  uhhh…  yeah. 

but not today cause I feel like death warmed over and I smell like menthol. 


I’m supposed to be moving my belongings today.  since I can’t really move my body, I sincerely doubt that’s going to happen. 

kisses.  I’m out.