hey I made brownies!

come on over to my house to get some.

they’re nommable.

J came home from work early with a renewed fever, so I decided we needed brownies.  

I think she’s nappin now.  I just woke up from a nap.

well, day three of not working. I’ll probably go back tomorrow.  I feel a little bit better.  I still don’t want to push it too hard and then relapse. 

BUT, brownies…  gooey in the middle and with walnuts.  yepper.  come on over. 

and I watched Leverage all day yesterday.  Leverage marathon. 

with *squee* and the hottyness of Kane.  I quite like Parker and Hardison as well… 


I likey television….  especially when I have time to watch it… 

7 thoughts on “hey I made brownies!”

    1. I haven’t quite got to the swordfight yet. I thik I did watch it when it was on television, though, so I might have seen it.

      I DO happen to have four seasons of Angel on DVD, though. so I will probably see it eventually… unless it’s in season five. which I thought I have but maybe I don’t.

      🙂 maybe you have season five? hmmmm?


      1. I totally DO have season 5. I don’t have 4, however, b/c it disturbes me in deep & profound ways. (!!) how far are you into Angel, then? perhaps I could join the re-watch!


      2. I’m somewhere along in season three. I got distracted by Supernatural, Friday Night Lights (OMG), BattleStar Gallactica (more OMG).

        🙂 I think the re-watch would be great! (:


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