can someone tell me why…


honestly.  Rolodexes are made of squee.

organizing business cards excites me.

I am a compulsive collector of business cards.

I think everyone should have a business card, and hand them out whenever they meet someone new (I DO.)

that’s all for now, I think.

Happy Monday, Flist!

12 thoughts on “can someone tell me why…”

    1. you didn’t answer my question….

      (that’s cool)

      and yes, you do. then you need to mail it to me so I can put it in my ROLODEX of EXCITEMENT.



    1. yes. YES.

      when I was looking for a job, EVERY BOOK I READ about job-finding said you needed a business card with your cell phone and email on it. cause you never know when you’ll meet someone who may have the potential to hook you up with an employer, or give you a job.

      then, my therapist told me I needed a motto for my business card. (aw, geeze, really? I said to myself.)

      I searched quotes, found “Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage” by Anias Nin.

      people who *know* that she wrote porn in the 1940’s for an anonymous patron (and/or that she was a diarist who had an affair with Henry Miller and his wife June) INSTANTLY BECOME MY NEW BFF. people who don’t know anything abotu her, kind of say, “huh. nice quote.”

      so my business card is a way of pre-screening those made of awesomeness or boring.

      …just so you know.

      you should totally get a business card… 🙂


      1. oops: Anais. (I can’t say or spell her name. sorry. I fail.)

        but I know she wrote porn in the 1940’s for an anonymous patron for $1 per page….

        a compliation of her work is called “Delta of Venus” and IT’s AWESOME.

        have a pic of Anais. 🙂 (I really think she’s beautiful.)


      2. you should do that. there are a couple of websites which you design? business cards for free or something. I designed my own, took it to Staples herein spokane, and they made me a 1,000 cards for about $50. I think it was less than $50. $46? you can get 500 t ostart with. just don’t put your home address. cause, you know, you might move. (I put my address in the Bronx and then moved to Brooklyn. go fig.)

        DOOOO EEETTTT!!!

        ps what’s yer themesong? or motto? just curious…


  1. I love cards too much to hide them in a rolodex. I keep a binder filled with baseball trading card protector sleeves to organize them. And I use the fancy business card valets from the luggage store I work at to hold club cards.

    I received a link recently for a reasonable art card site that lets you print out about 200 business cards, but each with a different image. I couldn’t cede that much design power, but the thought made me tingle.

    I fantasize about using a rolodex for coupon organizing or in lieu of a traditional address book or recipe index. Maybe there is just something wrong with me–I always buy checkbook sleeves to hold my agendas and I use tampon cases to hold my checkbooks.

    Do you have a label problem, too? I have been lusting after this site that sells personalized stickers and iron-ons. I think it’s directly wired into the same part of my brain that lights up for calling cards. You make me happy, and feel not alone


    1. you make me feel happy as well…

      I gotta get to work – will reply more specifically later.

      just know, friend, you are made of AWESOMENESS and SQUEEEE. in CAPS.



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