quick note re: our boy “Captain TightPants”

I watched "Castle" last night and:  (AHEM!)


I had to squee and flail and dance around my house after the show was over.  Because it was great, and funny, and a good vehicle for our Natey and his talents.  Snark, quick wit, charm, levels of devotion (I loved the mom and the daughter.  loved that it’s got a multi-generational aspect.)

glad our boy Nathan is back on the television sets.  cause it makes me happy.  I think he looks more buff.  (is it me?  or are the cameras focusing more on his big guns?)

and a question:  what is up with the "every man on television (except newspeople) have to have STUBBLE?  wtf?


2 thoughts on “quick note re: our boy “Captain TightPants””

    1. *sighs* back at ya.

      dude is CUTE. I grinned and squeed. and drank some whiskey. (yesterday, today, and tomorrow are gonna be long-ass days.)

      have you ever kissed somebody with a lot of stubble? it’s like kissing a brillo pad with lips. or rubbing a birllo pad against your face repeatedly.

      trufax: I dated a guy, who had a lot of stubble. after our first make-out session on the couch (which was pleasant) I had a DIME-SIZED patch of skin on my chin, which was red – like an abrasion – from the STUBBLE. from the kissing of the dude with the really scratchy stubble.

      and a smaller, pea-sized place on a different patch on skin on my chin.

      I am so not even kidding. it took about a week to heal, and here I am walking around with a *patch* of *abrasion* on my *face*, with neosporin on it, it hurts to smile, and people kept asking me if I fell and nicked my chin or something.

      stubble? not so hot. I used to make him shave before we made out. (or had sex).

      that’s how I feel about stubble.

      beards I don’t mind. but like day-old stubble HURTS MY FACE.


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