evening flist: meet my two new friends:


I had one of those days where I was just late for everything I went to.  including my nap.  I hate days like that,  it ended well, though… 

had a great nite with Jon.  went to Lilac City Roller Derby and UFO Phil.  thanks go to mcfoo for making my hair non-tangled and cute! 


the women, the fishnets, the shoulder checks…  It gave me joy.  there was a real-live-actual BRAWL at the end of the game.  (I winced a little bit, actually.) 

and the bonus might be that because it’s a non-profit, founded in 2006, I might be able to use hours there I volunteer in my americorps volunteer bonus time.  which would be great because I’m behind.  (because of the funeral and the chest cold from hell.) 

so…  dear flist of awesomeness…

would it be awesome to wear sexy clothes, fishnets and skate around?   would that be awesome to have a "moniker," a "stage name," like "skate therapy," or "sexy geek queen FTW" and to have a number on the back of my jersey?  of course, cause I’m a nerd, it would have to be the symbol for "pi," or some such nonsense, like 1/0, which would make the math-ey people’s brains hurt.  cause you know, you can’t divide by zero…

would that be awesome?   


I gotta go with HELL YES.  

and UFO Phil.  filmed in Spokane.  it was a very serious movie about various serious things:  alien abductions, music, friends, and a flashlight.  (I had to take a break from watching the movie because I was laughing so hard.)   sadly, a mostly white cast (there was an african-america karate instructor who was *awesome*) and it has a teensey bit of cultural appropriation.  I will bring it up to the director.

I think it’s nights like these that make me want to live here in spokane.  that make me think that, although it is by no means new york, there are actually some cool things happening here that are worth paying attention to.  like films being made here.  and roller derby.  which, despite the violence, is actually a rather family friendly event.  there were tons of kids running around. 
in other news, I went to the dentist today and they worked on two of my teeth and my jaw and face are just killing me.  it hurts to open my mouth too wide.  hell, it just throbs. 

in different other news, I have decided my love affair with whiskey must come to an end.  because it’s doing far more harm than good.  (also other forms of alcohol and numbing myself…)  it makes me sad.  I’m already overwhelmed with work and my living situation and work and living at dad’s and all the fucking transition which life has thrown at me the past three months.  yepper.  with the overwhelmed-ed-ness of the overwhelmed. 

but honestly?  I think it’s doing me much more harm than good.  I’m a little scared.  but I think it’s the right choice.  

being a grown up and taking care of yourself – I got a massage yesterday (thank you!) and went to the dentist today, then therapy, then an awkward conversation about the DRAMA and really bad behavior of the interim minister (who is gossiping about the *former* minister from the pulpit OMG she is so in the wrong here…), then a nap…  — being a grown-up, taking responsibilty, making difficult choices – isn’t always easy.  pshah!  I am fairly certain I would be immediately bored by easy.  but plz to make life a *little* easier?  plz?  kthnxbai.

anyway — all this "taking care of myself" is not, in fact, always pleasant.  e.g. the dentist.  but it needed to be done.  oh my jaw hurts… I need to get some sleep now. 

2 thoughts on “evening flist: meet my two new friends:”

  1. I follow the Gotham Girls Roller Derby a bit. It’s a ton of fun to watch, and I know that I could never skate for them. Number one, I suck at roller skating. Number two, I have serious back problems and seem to be developing knee problems. However, my friend skated a couple of seasons for the Bronx Gridlock and did awesome. If you think that you’re good at skating–then go for it.


  2. Lol. thanks. I miss new york… the attitude, the noise, people sitting on me on the subway (okay not so much the last two) but I totally miss the food. bagels… nom

    ahem! it was a lot of fun. I have NO IDEA whether or not I’m any good at skating. but I think it would be fun to start out maybe as one of the girls who skates around the rink holding the score. or a crowd-wrangler. cheer-leader type.

    I hear ya on the back and knee problems. I don’t consider myself very athletic at all. and since the snow-pocalypse, my right shoulder/rotator cuff has been acting up. and my lower back as well, after the MOVE.

    so… thanks for the vote YES!
    😛 hope you’re having a super day — how’s school? should be turning into midterm crunch time soon, if it hasn’t already…


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