my job description (not the real one)

hi flist!  happy weekend!

  • arrive some time between 6:30 AM and 1:30 PM
  • cruise LJ
  • cruise FB
  • set up my account (also fannyanns, as previously posted.)
  • laugh my ass off
    • for several hours…
  • complain about my boss’s boundaries (or lack thereof)
    • from yesterday:  god I have done NOTHING BUT GOOF OFF in the internets all day today. I need to get to work. but I’m kinda bored with it and my job may or may not be renewed next year (e.g. a friend at the Americorps office told me he didn’t think that americorps would be renewing its contract as an americorps/service/contract site. thingy.)

      so I have been motivated to do NOTHING. and goof off. because all the hard work I’m putting in:

      A. does not get noticed or appreciated by my boss.

      she had a mini-lecture prepared about "personal use of the cell phone while at work" while we were at her office in her HOME. I had ONE of her GRANDCHILDREN on MY LAP. she had the other grandchild on her lap. AND SHE’S LECTURING ME ABOUT PERSONAL TIME? hello!!! one of your grandchildren is sitting on my lap! and we’re talking about work!

      B. will not get renewed next year by another americorps person. so why should I bother being all documentary-like? and keeping notes for next year’s volunteer if there isn’t going to be one?

      C. she just doesn’t really get it how much work I do. and she keeps giving me "poor" evaluations which brings up my anxiety levels. (my mom is/was a university professor and report-card days were mondo anxiety inducing.) GAH!

      LJ SAVE ME!!!

      you’ve got three years’ americorps experience: what are your tips on managing bosses with no skills?

  • send emails/make phone calls for my youth group (entirely not americorps-related job #2)
  • jam out to music.
  • hang out with awesome people who happen to be FT volunteers
  • complain about my former friends & roommates (the same two people)
  • make plans over FB/LJ to meet people in real life on the non-internet
  • "I like Cold Beverages" (thank you G. Love & Special Sauce)
  • call the americorps people (who are awesomesauce!) to rant about my boss and her kid.
  • make/eat peanut butter & graham cracker and/or tortilla sandwiches.
  • have occasional melt-downs, like the one I had last Friday
  • drive volunteers around (and make them move my bed sometimes)
  • drive my co-worker around (the boss’s kid)
  • give my co-worker (the boss’s kid) relationship advice. 
  • set boundaries with my co-worker, many times, I think we’re on "boundary conversation #8"
    • I started in October, had to deal with a co-worker (boss’s son) trying to figure out if he could:
    • hit on me (NO, emphatically),
    • fart in front of me (moar NO, emphatically),
    • tease me about my smoking and drinking habits (NO:  do you WANT to get punched in the face?  cause that could be arranged),
    • tell his mom about me goofing off on the internet (NO:  I just kicked your balls WITH MY BRAIN), uhhh…  what else? 
    • occasionally complain about my co-worker:
    • THEN, M (I know, right?  I WANT to call him "Captain Tightpants" – he does actually wear tight pants, and not in a good way.  in a "I grew out of these in middle school but I’m too cheap to buy new clothes" kind of way) got me in trouble with his mom (our boss) a.k.a. the "family dynamic" of two siblings competing for mommy’s attention.  I quashed that pretty damn quick.  with a furious rant while I was in tears.
  • occasionally get some actual work done.  like phone calls & shit. 

4 thoughts on “my job description (not the real one)”

    1. LOL

      don’t even say it!!!!

      I couldn’t do it… and I don’t really *hate* her. I just lament her lack of social & appreciation (of me) skills.


  1. nice work. that is way thorough. ps: I think I channeled you a little too much on Thusrday during Supernatural. the *squee* & *flail* that came out of me was a sight to see. (what are your plans this weekend?)


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