movie review: Miss March (scathing. probably not suitable for work)

ETA:  The Inlander did not link to the whole article.  Thanks Jon for pointing this out.

how lovely of author MaryAnn Johanson to point out such things like:

"As an example of Hollywood’s utter disdain for women, particularly in movies aimed at young men, Miss March hits a new low, punishing women who appear to have any sexual experience or knowledge with insults, injury and even death. The more they make themselves available to men, the more harshly they are punished."

So, in the world of Miss March — and presumably in the worlds of many of the young men at whom this movie is aimed — women are worthless, interchangeable, and literally disposable. The men aren’t much better, of couse, but at least the world caters to their worthlessness.

lovely.  lovely.  I saw the preview & almost puked.  do I smell a boycott, flist? 

also ETA2:  I agree that men are stereotyped in this as well.  the comments in the flickfiksopher point out that there is a lot of uncheck/unexamined privilege going on here…  (and yet another hapless movie character gets stabbed in the face with a fork.  thank you for starting that crappy ass trend.)

13 thoughts on “movie review: Miss March (scathing. probably not suitable for work)”

  1. yea. no chance of me seeing this, regardless of the misogyny (which is disgusting). even if the film portrayed women in a better light, I don’t see movies w/ Hugh Hefner. That man makes me sick.


    1. I’m pretty sure that Heff is either a cylon conspirator OR an actual corpse which has been made to move by robots planted in his inner body. he looks so damn dead. and he’s disgusting.

      grrr… shudders.


  2. Well, i wouldn’t have seen it anyway

    But that’s probably a good idea. So much so, that i’m going to steal your idea and post this on Facebook.

    Hooray for misogyny.


      1. Re: Well, i wouldn’t have seen it anyway

        thanks bebe.

        films like this make good guys like you an even smaller minority. (“what? a guy who is resepectful toward women?” dudewtf?) grrrr…


      2. Re: Well, i wouldn’t have seen it anyway

        Didn’t you see that headline in The Onion about a decade ago? We (Nice Guys) were listed by the EPA as Endangered Species.


      3. Re: Well, i wouldn’t have seen it anyway

        O RLY? well. you should find some nice young women and MAKE SOME BOY-BABIES. so you can raise them into moar niceguys.

        that would be great. and if, in the process, you accidentally make some girl-babies, you can raise them with STANDARDS, so they won’t put up with bullshit from stupidboys. and GOOD SELF-ESTEEM, so that they don’t actually *mind* being single in their 20’s.

        (I’m just laughing at this whole reply. just laughing my way through it. OH JON. my precious endangered niceguy. ….aawwww… with big dumb puppy dog face…) kay I’ll stop now.

        but really. yu should makey some babies. we need more (gingernuts).


      4. Re: Well, i wouldn’t have seen it anyway

        well, my dear, you know it’s all about me channelling your late grandmother. what with the whiskey-drinking (I’ve been doing this *much less* thank you very much), the occasional off-color comment about you needing to find a nice girl and settle down, (really. it’s none of my business whether or not you produce offspring.) and the general aura of discomfort you generally feel in my presence.

        Oh, j-dog. I apologize. I was going for the funny. (it was really damn funny *to me*) and I stepped in it again. *sorry* *oops*


      5. Re: Well, i wouldn’t have seen it anyway

        No, you were, i was just playing along. And thanks for the j-dog… how did you know that one of my high school drama monikers was Snoop?


      6. Re: Well, i wouldn’t have seen it anyway

        just lucky, I guess.

        har har… god I love LJ and goofing off when I’m supposed to be working!


  3. I agree with you about the movie. It is as bad as “40 Year Old Virgin” that was another stupid movie.

    I do not agree with the reviewer where she said “the feminist theory that mainstream American culture acknowledges only two states for women…” That is not a feminist theory.

    I joined the US Army in 1973 (because I couldn’t stomach the guys I knew getting drafted and I wasn’t). As a woman in the Army I found the attitude of the men was there were only three kinds of women that joined. Women that had sex, women that charged to have sex and women that had sex with other women; virgin was not an availiable catagory.

    I’ve called myself a feminist for 40 (?!) years. I only report on the attitudes I’ve seen. I was told by my high school advisor in 1971 that I couldn’t be an animal doctor because women aren’t strong enough.


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