I really need a hug?


ETA: just needed some e-love. things seem so fast & out of control and I don’t wanna be a victim. (I also don’t wanna be a drunk about it either.)

just things are happening, lots of them. lots of things. gotta pull it back together.

AND: it’s sunny out, now. we had two inches of snow on the ground this morning. spokaneweathergods: dudewtf? we’ve had everything: rain, sun, hail, snow, clouds, wind. if one read the bible overmuch, one might think we were having “apocalypse weather.” lucky I don’t do that sort of thing…

I’m just gonna try and get some work done and remember the calm that’s in me.

thank you! thank you! thank you very much! 🙂

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    1. convo with my boss. she kinda flxed her muscles a little bit and told me that she wanted me to know that she knew that occasionally I was taking lunch breaks that were too long (emergency banking situation/feed the damn dog while house-sitting) and that we were down on volunteers and the reason I was getting two’s on my evaluations was because she thought that I’d had enough time to produce a calendar.

      it’s like: she thinks she told me something two weeks ago, then two days before an event, she says, “oh. did you know that xyz?”

      and I mentioned that things take longer than she thinks they do. like the article-editing? which took me 15 hours which she gave me half a day to do?

      then, she said, “oh. that was well done.”


      she just throws ten different things at me at the same time and then expects me to read her brain and then faults me when I don’t.


      … my daddy’s going away and leaving me in house house. which just makes me want to cry. it’s a really good move for him. but I am having a *really* hard time not feelign like an absolute moocher/fuckup who can’t get anything right, especially when it comes to finding/paying for a place to live.


      I fell in the damn slush today and had to wear my scarf around my lower section which flashed some thigh. I felt cold and crabby and wet.


      this morning started out really well, with me getting a prsc from the pharmacy and getting to work on time…


      I’m just beating up on myself right now.


      we got a new computer at work. I hate the keyboard of this computer and I shouldda gotten the new one and this two-day old volunteer shouldda gotten my old one. gar. I “deserve” better. which is dangerous thinking, to be sure.


      I need to be more communicative about what I’m actually doing at work – what I’m getting RIGHT. what I’m getting DONE.

      AND… it fucking snowed this morning and I want it to be WARMER NOW.


      I think I just need to cry and get it out of my system. and/or quit thinking about it and move on with my damn day.


    1. thank you — I’m just tired and life is happening too fast and I’m a-overwhelmed.


      good news? my bank account is topside! yay!


      1. Exactly. And, if i remember my 4th grade recesses correctly, that’s harder for blond women to do for some reason. But that doesn’t apply, so yeah. i’m glad you’re better now!


      2. it’s harder for blond women to breathe? huh? or take a break? wha?

        (why are you so obsessed with them then? clearly, they are breathe/recess inferior to us brunettes…) bwahahahaha


      3. Sorry, the breathing in and out somehow reminded me of one of those 4th grade level jokes about how persons with a certain hair color apparently need constant audio reminders on breathing.

        i’m not really sure why my brain works like that, but yeah. And if nothing else, i got evil laughter out of you, so i feel my work here is done.


    1. hi — I saw your post earlier and wanted to send you some e-love and for some dumb reason I didn’t. thank you though. having a complicated day. ar.

      one and a half more hours!


      1. Grrr to complicated and evil days.

        Don’t worry about not sending the e-love. I disabled comments anyway, and have since taken that post down, which I don’t often do, but I felt bad about that one. I was just so frustrated, and needed to blow off steam.

        Hope things are better for you now hun.

        *hugs you tightly*


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