hi! this is my life… (totally disjointed moderately ranty, somewhat self-effacing post)

it’s easter sunday and I’m watching LIFETIME.

I do in fact, think, that “Northern Lights” is Nora Roberts’ best novel. (the fact that I’ve read more than one of her novels and therefore can recommend Northern Lights as one of her *best*? TOTALLY PROBLEMATIC.) But still, the made for tv movie? am I pathetic? let’s take a poll.

am I pathetic?



-sort of.

-OMG I can’t believe you’re watching LIFETIME. you’re a total loser.

other than that, things are good. I had a really good, restful weekend. I went to lilac city roller girls and hit on some guys from a visiting hockey team (I did *not* follow them all around the bars, thank you very much. they were pretty though. oh yeah.)

last weekend. I got stupid drunk at this party I went to and hooked up with the host – I don’t ever wanna be that girl again. he was such a fucken tool. too much whiskey. so sorry. here’s my note: “dear whiskey: let’s part the ways. it’s not you – it’s me. honest.”

so in between kicking myself in the ass, wondering whether or not my co-worker/friend would be friends with me again (we patched things up on wednesday) and wondering whether or not I would ever be a grown-up again… it’s been hard.

yeah. LeAnn Rimes: the character, in the novel? brunette. HELLO? LeAnn? blond. also not so much with the acting chops: although … LIFETIME? bring the PRETTY. I should add, they’re all white. go go gadget racefail – I wonder what the analysts would have to say about romance novels and the over-sexualization of “the other.” I watched the french movie “the brotherhood of the wolf” and almost barfed: the Native guy. hot. brilliant. over-sexualized. awful. I only watched it because a friend rec’d it. so sorry.

(and, Chrisitan Kane “long-legged blond in the pale moonlight/probably cause a friendly fight/that’s what you get when you hang with the girls of summer…” WHY IS IT ALWAYS A BLOND? why is it always a tall blond? I need a singer who waxes harmonic about short, chubby brunettes: anyone can rec? save me? please? LJ make it better? kthnxbai.)

also, I wanna be a roller girl. I want my name to be “hell on wheels.” cause of the irony: me what with the fancy-schmancy-super-expensive master’s degree in religion. also, the christian kane reference, “I’ve been hell on wheels for days now…”

I might have dropped two pants sizes. trippy, trying on clothes again. mcfoo kept telling me I’ve lost weight. as always, she is right.


fucken lifetime. I do have romantic comedy syndrome… but I really don’t wanna.

I think it’s past time for me to take a lover. now that my life is stable and I have a job and a place to live and a lower pants size… so bring on TEH SEX.

4 thoughts on “hi! this is my life… (totally disjointed moderately ranty, somewhat self-effacing post)”

    1. Re: You might need this

      thank you my dear. I appreciate it. a lot. it was nice to see you & steph at the derby. I’m glad that’s workin for ya. now it’s time for MMMMEEEEEE to gets myself a significant other, yes?

      😛 have a super day!




    I can’t say that I’ve honestly ever watched a lifetime movie, but I’ve heard they all involve getting raped and becoming a lesbian.

    not that I’m one to talk about lame obsessions. I spent an hour talking to my AmeriRoomy, who just finished the complete Twilight series and OMGOMGOMGing allll the way home to tofurky goodness! Roomy for LIFE is in the central time zone and was already digesting her hearty animal-based midwestern easter dinner. but what we share is the love for a badly written emo virgin vampire. and that is all that really matters.

    maybe he can get raped and become straight! THAT is a lifetime movie I would watch


    1. yay! yay for badly written emo virgin vampires!!!!!

      I’m not really sure about lifetime: television for women. one might imagine that the motto “television for women” would include more chippendale-like strippers and/or really hot grrl-on-grrl porn. I’d watch that. not so much with the rapine, though: we don’t like that. no, we don’t. it’s kinda the only thing I’ve watched on lifetime — I’m totally okay with that though. really. (maybe I’m just becoming an old, bitter, dried-up harpie. okay! time to go do some self-love with my Personal Love Kit.)

      I think I would go with black/red striped tights, though. don’t you think? (lime green would work for you & your coloring, but for me? I’m not so sure…) derby?=awesome!!! hot chicks on wheels! gettin all SWEATY. I’m down!

      I have to buy some roller skates! woo-hoo!


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