day three

welcome to day three. of not drinking. wow. it gets easier, I think. it’s choosing the best part of myself over the worst. difficult, but worth doing.

check out notes from the universe — I got this idea from

this is my note from the universe this morning….

You’re freakin’ me out, anna . I can’t remember when you last looked so radiant. When your inner beauty shone so bright. When your step was so light and your smile so heavenly. And it’s Monday! What’s gotten into you?!

Does this have anything to do with recalling your divinity? Have you realized that time truly is on your side, and that more than enough of it remains for us to do your greatest work? Is it that you now see how much you already have, how many you’ve already helped, and how much you’ve already done?

Ahhhh! Your eyes just did that sparkly thing! Moonbeams just shot from your fingertips! The aroma, all around you, is like lavender! And your angels are locked wing to wing singing, "Weeeeeeeeee are the champions…"
…Okay, okay. So I’m pulling your leg a little bit. Truth be told, I can’t remember when you didn’t look like this.

All together now…
The Universe

6 thoughts on “day three”

    1. thank you my dear. I appreciate all the help I can get.

      btw, we should probably chat about dad moving & stuff – cause what will probably happen is that your room (TEMPORARILY) will become a staging ground for Stuff That The Movers Who Are Moving Dad Will Not Take. then it will be back to being Your Room.

      till your wings come out of their shells and you fly back to sunny, warm california. (although you’re welcome to stay here if you think you can manage another winter… ha! I’m being annoying *and* optimistic at the same time!)

      ps. did we gab & dish about your weekend? I don’t remember doing that… 😛 hope it went well. miss you. tonight is busy but tomorrow night I should be able to chat…


  1. Lol, so weird! I’ve heard of talking to the universe via cosmic ordering but I’ve never heard of the other way around. Kinda cool though.

    Off drinking? I didn’t realize it affected you badly. Congrats on doing it! *hug*



      in which I rant about how whiskey & I need to part the ways.

      yeah. it’s this website this guy started with the premise “thoughts become actions – make yours positive” or something affirming like that.

      I have no idea how they specialize messages to say EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR, but it’s kind of awesome that they do…

      I am just reaching this point where I’m almost – almost the precipice of Being Everything I Want to Be. Happy, at peace, filled with compassion and love, patient, kind, good, etc… I probably cuss too much to become the next Dalai Lama or Thomas Merton or even Elizabeth Gilbert. But I don’t want to be them: I want to be. the best possible me. and that involves quitting drinking for a while, if not forever.

      I just don’t wanna be that drunken ass girl who gets so drunk that other people need to take care of her. cause… you know. sometimes people are good at that, and sometimes other people (jackasses, in short) don’t have your best interests at heart.

      and it’s been really stressful lately, and I’ve been drinking/leaning on drinking way too much. it’s become out of hand.

      so we’re trying something different. I think I will be at peace with ME, and I think this is a big step.

      thanks for the hugs, as always….


  2. Congrats on Day Three – it really is one day at a time, though I hate platitudes. When I quit drinking in solidarity with a beloved drunk who quit, I struugled to find my social footing – heck, my “friends” staged an intervention, telling me that quitting for a lover was “codependent”. Thank you, second-year social work textbook. Anywhoo, the upshot is – if you need no-drinky fun, I am your go-to grrrrl. Been there, done that, lost the friends to prove it.


    1. M,

      THANK YOU. I do need no-drinkey fun next week. this week I am terribly jammed up and will be busy enough to just to barely squeeze in teh personal alone time = (PAT) and/or naps.

      day four. I woke up this morning thinking, “gosh it’s really nice to wake up without a hangover!” (no lie)

      I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the point where I can be a “social drinker” again – I don’t know about that path. what I do know is that now — it’s causing more harm than good.

      thanks for the love. I appreciates it. (and sorry you lost friends and/or got the t-shirt. you seem to own a lot of these kinds of t-shirts, ha ha…)


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