hi from roller grrl country…

….so I practiced last night with the Lilac City Roller Girls. really, one word sums it up: CARDIO. if I had to use three words they would be “cardio on skates!” I’m not nearly as sore today as I thought I would be, which is saying something, I suppose. I had a wonderful time. the woman who worked with the “newbies” as they called us, was really sweet – and very patient. I think it took me twice as long to figure things out as the other women, but that’s okay. I just had this odd urge to go exercise last night, and well… I did! weird, huh?

I’ve been sleeping so much better since the absence of booze. which is super nice. today I’m sore: tomorrow the mus-cles will build up and I will be stronger for it. I’m actually kinda excited.

welcome, welcome, crazy weekend: I have to work both saturday and sunday. mer. I need the hours for americorps tho. so all is well.

Hi Dreamwidth! *waves nicely*

thanks Denise for the invite code (and the instructions how to plug it in!)

9 thoughts on “hi from roller grrl country…”

    1. I was pretty damn sexay while I was FALLIN on MAH AYASS last night.

      I wanna go back, tho. it is really good exercize and good motivation for me to quit teh smokeys.

      I had a great time, yo. LV should surely have roller derby. surely. you should join yerself!

      all mah love, anna


      1. umm, so, I was recently checking out the list of upcoming Las Vegas Pride 09 events and one of the free ones was family skates. I was instantly transported to my not so fond memories of being 12 at birthday parties there and barely being able to shuffle to the bathroom.

        I had hip surgery when I was young, and my legs didn’t set right AND they’re shorter than they’re supposed to be, uneven really and so I can’t skate. I even took lessons and my legs don’t work right. So I will just appreciate hot roller chicks from the stands and cheer them on πŸ˜€


      2. oh — I didn’t know. I’m sorry. but I’m glad you can cheer me on. I need all the help I can get!

        I had a few middle school moments myself last night: like when I didn’t know how to STOP. DAMN. that wall is coming up rather quick…. oh shit oh shit oh shit…. whew. toe stop!

        anyway. mama tahred. I totally just took a nose dive in energy, just a few minutes ago.

        good times, good times.


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