…be a little decent…..

"I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen…"

ummm…  yeah.  Say Anything is on television.  and YES.  IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVAR.

and Lloyd Dobbler is kind of the best guy ever.   look at his big dumb face…..  I actually feel like John Cusack and I grew up together…  it’s wierd.  like he’s a distant relative or something.  (though really distant.  cause I have a big crush on him still.)

"don’t be a guy…  the world is filled with guys…  be a Man, Lloyd." 

ummm….  this movie may have indeed ruined all of my love expectations.  I totally want a guy to fall for me in this way.

yep.  (and I was so repressed in high school I didn’t even know they had sex.  yep.  that scene under the blanket in the car?  "they must be making out" I thought…..   even though they say, in the next scene, "you had sex!")

I WAS that repressed.  not anymore, thank you therapy.

and yes.  I have always wanted a man to fall for me the way Lloyd falls for Diane.

thanks flist.  I love you back.  I’m a total nerd. 

10 thoughts on “…be a little decent…..”

    1. Prince Eric from where? so sorry…. the first guy I ever had a crush on was Han Solo…

      notice how far that’s got me! (then when I was in my 20’s I realized he was as old as my dad!!! meep!)


      1. I saw that when I was a senior in high school… yes. I must be older than you are by quite a bit. it’s all good… all good. I still say about kissing, “first you gotta bat your eyes…. like dis…. then you gotta pucker up your lips… like this…” (I said it this week, in fact!)

        ah, yay for kissing in disney films!

        (my fave disney is still the Jungle Book, followed by the Incredibles. then Toy Story…)


      2. I’m 23, so it’s entirely possible you are older than me, but as you say it’s all good. Sebastian rocked “Kiss the Girl” is one of my favorite Disney songs.

        Disney films rock. I loved Beauty and the Beast.


    1. I’m going to second this. I hate how the entertainment industry has so inundated us with unrealistic expectations for how love, life, and happiness works. One psychologist describes it as being “more real than real” and leaves us all with an empty feeling in our stomach when we don’t have the artificially romantic/super model partners.
      I’m feeling cynical suddenly πŸ˜›


      1. I gotcha Sean. I’ve been saying for years that I wanna be on television because everybody gets laid on television.

        …ummm… maybe TMI?

        but honestly, we women just can’t go around expecting everyone to look like Jensen Ackles or Matt Damon or Taylor Kitch… cause “real guys” just aren’t that pretty. and they don’t work out that much. and even if real guys were, they’d be interested in … well… not me. (which is cool. I’d rather be single than date a figment of my imagination… o noes! what am I saying?)

        anyway. Lloyd Dobbler: I still wanna do you. that’s all I’m sayin.


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