I am going to see X-Men Origins:  Wolverine with a couple of people Saturday night after 10 pm (when Kyra gets off work.)

call me if you wanna come with.

it’s also likely that my dad will go too, and he’s AWESOME. 

lemme know. 

(also ping me if you need my phone number)

love!!!!!  HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!


I’m a-smilin!

7 thoughts on “spokanites:”

    1. no – if your boss is cool.

      (haha. I’m just answerin you now! I am spotty with my weekend internet usage. I usually wanna take a break from the computer on weekends. mer.)

      FUN, tho, huh?


    1. taylor kitch = TEH HOT.

      I liked it. often with action movies, I’m a little burned out at the end. I think they could be shorter. ummmm….. It had some continuity problems with the other movies. I only know cause I’ve seen them over & over.

      and well… Hugh Jackman…. nom nom nom.

      I think my favorite part was when Stryker said, “Your country needs you,” and Logan/Wolverine answered, “I’m Canadian.” (I totally saw that coming, by the way. the first tiem STryker said it, I said, “yo. I’m canadian.” then the second time, Logan said it. I hope you get what I mean.)


      fave line? “you’re my brother: nobody gets to kill you except me.”

      la lala lalala

      anyway. HAPPY MONDAY!




        “*reads Gambit’s name in the credits* IS MY FAVORITE ACTOR!”

        he was VERY pretty.

        even, perhaps, prettier than Ryan Reynolds. BLASPHEMY as you know I learnt at church 😉

        it was a movie version of a bowl full of lucky charms.


      2. I quite agree that XMO:W was like Lucky Charms onscreen. yes. indeed.

        I think Ryan Reynolds is attractive: I would put him below Nathan Fillion, Taylor Ktich, and Christian Kane in hottiness. However, I though the scene where he repells ALL THE BULLETS IN THE WORLD being fired at him WITH HIS BIG ASS SWORDS was pretty hot.

        it totally made me sad, then, when he resurfaced at the end of the movie with mondo powers and absolutely no volition. that made me sad (for the future of military brain-f*cking) as well as – he wouldn’t do that to the nanimal-brothers if he had volition.

        besides, he looked all creeped-out-matrix-like with no mouth. CREEEEEEEEEPY.

        I’m so delighted you learned about blasphemy at church. well done. (although, blasphemy at a UU church can only lead to a bi-polar like confusion, because honest: do UUs believe in anything?)

        (this last directed at the UU church of spokane, at whom I am fairly pissed right now. no offense to others….)

        I learned about blasphemy in SEMINARY! WOOT!


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