work/quote (possibly offensive to non-liberal Christians)

Okay:  so, as part of my job for an ecumenical newspaper here in Spokane, I read local church newsletters for article ideas, possible guest editorials and the like.  Some are good.  (and by "good" I mean, not too terribly awful to read//informative/well written &etc.)

SOME ARE NOT. (filled with bad or lazy theology/typos gal;ore!)

all of this to preface the quote of the day, which is (AHEM)

Quote of the day:

"When Satan is knocking at your door, simply say, ‘Jesus, could you get that for me?’"

and yes, I am indeed, bored out of my skull.  thanks friends. 

5 thoughts on “work/quote (possibly offensive to non-liberal Christians)”

  1. I’ve heard of Jesus as many things, never as butler. that is just too much.

    some people just don’t think before they put things in writing. O My!


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