remember that guy who got trampled in a Wal-Mart in NY the day afer Thanksgiving?

No justice for his family… Boycott Wal-Mart!

Highlights from the article…

Jdimytai (Jimmy-tree) Damour, a temporary employee, had been on the job for about a week and had no training in security or crowd control when a crowd estimated at 2,000 broke down the Valley Stream store’s doors, trapping him in a vestibule.

Edward H. Gersowitz, an attorney representing Damour’s family in a civil lawsuit, blasted the settlement and said the family was never consulted before the deal was announced, a charge the prosecutor’s office denies.

Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Rice, said prosecutors repeatedly tried to speak with the Damour family "and they refused to speak to us."

Gersowitz also called for a special prosecutor.

"The ability of Wal-Mart to, in effect, buy off this criminal investigation demonstrates the epitome of corporate arrogance that has become all too familiar in this day and age, and shows how Wal-Mart has nothing but contempt for the victims of such corporate malfeasance," he said in a statement.

7 thoughts on “remember that guy who got trampled in a Wal-Mart in NY the day afer Thanksgiving?”

    1. I couldn’t even imagine being someone who trampled that guy at Wal-Mart that day, you know? the stories which came back were “oh! I go a cut in my leg but I kept shopping and went to the hospital after!”

      …I don’t really celebrate christmas, but if I did, I would do alternate gift fairs – where you can donate money to the charity of your choice in someone’s honor. I’ve given to Heifer International and Doctors Without Borders that way…

      fucken walmart!


  1. oh i hate walmart and they dont care about there employees. i would never go shopping the day after thanksgiving, i would end up kicking someones ass


    1. yes, walmart is notorious for treating its employees badly. AND, they didn’t even offer to pay the family for burial costs, lost wages, etc. they didn’t care because the now-dead-employee? temp/possibly illegal immigrant. gah.


  2. Oh gross. This definitely motivates me to be better about not shopping at Wal*Mart. (Usually it’s pretty easy, since there ISN’T one in the city, but when I’m in Maine, I end up there with my family quite often).


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