ummm…. singles awareness night?

so I heard an ad on the radio about this Singles PARTY!  at this bar downtown.  er…

I’m going.

I have been Make-Upped and Perfummed and Hair Sea-Salted (it’s actually kinda cool – it gives your hair volume…)  By the ever-awesome  [info]bunnymcfoo 

I have changed into my motorcycle boots…    I have changed into my SEXY SHIRT from Lane Bryant.

Mcfoo assures me that the sexy eye makeup+glasses=sexy librarian look.  (eh? was my rather eloquent response.)

WISH ME uhhh…  well….  please just hope that I don’t end up in a corner all by myself somewhere.  it’s always dangerous to go to these sorts of Singles Parties alone….  egad.  or…  ummmm….  is that the point?  

please, please please, don’t think of the Noah’s Ark song where the nanimals board two by two and leave three by three…  this isn’t that kind of party.  I’m not that kind of girl.  I’m not that easy…  certainly not!

honest.  I’m just sick of being single (not that I expect to meet anyone dateworthy at a radio station singles awareness party), but …

it’s so hetero-normative!

here we go spokane.  I might do a drive by and chicken out.  that, too, would be an acceptable alternative… 

4 thoughts on “ummm…. singles awareness night?”

  1. 1. sea salt + lemon + water + dollar store spray bottle = SEXXXAY

    2. use of “hetero-normative” = pls get on top of me kthnx


    1. wicked alternative to super-expensive organic sea salt + lavender hairspray = priceless.

      heternormative! is from dinosaur comics. I’d have to find the link, but it’s kinda funny.

      ummm… my dad is moving to kingman AZ and the closest airport is LV, NV. which is where you live… I’m visiting soonish. we could meet in person. which would be cool beans and wieners.

      hope you’re well! hugs & kithses!


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