14 thoughts on “POLL: dating, speed dating & how we feel about being single”

  1. I’m a natural flirt, I do it with everyone regardless of their sex but it’s very light flirting and banter and means nothing. When I like someone, I tend t go a bit shy and chat and make the eyes thing.

    When I first met my boyfriend it was a drunken snog, a very very hot drunken snog which he anted more there and then from *grins* but I’m not a one-nighter girl. We dated and hung out with each others friends and now we’re in love 🙂

    I ticked all for the last question because I think there’s always the potential to meet someone nice everywhere but people are different with every different person they meet so a guy who may have been a player for a while could well settle down when he meets the right partner. I think positive thinking and confidence are a must for getting somone else, I’ve had many conversations with mal and female friends and it’s unanimous that good humour, confidence and banter are the best qualities of attraction.


    1. you’re totally right: good humor, confidence and banter == for the win.

      I just went on this speed dating thing, met some guys who were nice, met some others to whom I would give the time of day (maybe if they asked nicely) and the one guy who I liked turns out to be a virgin cause he doesn’t want a “bad” first sexual experience.

      like, who does?

      I’m glad you found somebody, even if it was via a drunken snog. SNOG is such a great word.



      I WANT TO SNOG. we “make out” here in america: it’s not nearly as much fun as snogging, to be sure.:P

      I think there’s always the potential of meeting a datable someone. I’ve long been of the opinion that video stores should hold “singles nights” cause, let’s be honest: how many times have I been to the video store by myself (sometimes in my pajamas) on a friday or saturday night? alone? LOTS.

      I’m kinda over one-nighters. and by kinda I mean completely.

      that said, yeah. I miss some sex… I likey. 😛


      1. No one wants a bad first experience that’s for sure, but after that….sometimes awkward and giggly sex can be fun too.

        lol, I like the word snog too. We use making out as well but the most used words are pulling (as in I pulled so and so), snogging and pashing.

        We have such interesting slang ><

        I missed the sex too, found porn and vibrators came in handy…

        The gyms a pretty good place to meet people, and supermarkets 🙂


  2. I actually really like living alone and doing things alone and hate having to adapt my life to other people. The only reason I want a long term relationship is because it makes bills cheaper and I would like more sex, plz. I know this sounds horrible, but I would like to have a kid sometime in the near future, and I can’t afford to raise a kid by myself, so I pretty much want to find someone like-minded who I can live with who has a decent job that I can split bills and child-rearing time with.

    That sounds super romantic, doesn’t it?


    1. “I actually really like living alone and doing things alone and hate having to adapt my life to other people. The only reason I want a long term relationship is because it makes bills cheaper and I would like more sex, plz.”

      THIS. YES.

      I miss sex. I think it would be great to settle down. maybe there are different qualities in a boyfriend/significant other than a roommate: although there is some overlap. skills: dishes, orgasms, convo.

      yet, I have had, in the past, some intamacy issues: I just don’t want a significant other around ALL THE TIME. I need my personal alone time. need it. leamme alone, I’m watching my tv/reading my book/doing laundry/cruising the interwebs.

      I miss snuggling, though. trufax. I want to snuggle. I may not be in for the full monty, but I wanna snuggle.

      mer. thanks for taking my poll!


    2. YES YES YES

      I was just telling this to my naively optimistic coworker. I think I can overcome my natural aversion to relationships by acknowledging that having a boy around would be useful in my “adopt 1 MILLION chilluns” in case of scenario: “Hey hon, I’m busy at work and Billy is projectile vomiting so can you go pick him up from school kthnxbai”

      I wouldn’t say I like being alone–I LOVE being with other people, and that one question about “I would rather dot dot dot” lacked the “stay home and update my facebook but I WILL go out anyway”. I never regret going out, which is always the thing that gets me out of my jammies.


      1. Rosary: why is Billy projectile vomitting? WHAT DID YOU FEED HIM?

        (snerk. chuckle)

        the fill in the blank question included “internet porn” and ETC. facebook = teh totally included!

        (sorry I’m just spiteful this morning, for the lulz)

        I love being with other people too. I also love being in my pajamas too. (we must have been separated at birth, for our WonderTwin powers are STRONG.)

        sometimes, however, the lure of Being Out Of the House and Not Being In My Pajamas is weak, distant, and nigh silent.

        I’m pretty even: intro-extrovert. I like being with people. I like being alone.

        ramble ramble ramble. …


  3. I was raised in the south, and flirting is in my blood. I’m like the moon, man; I control the tides! (…And not just because of my amazing estrogen overload.)

    Somehow, despite being less than stunning and reasonably round, I can overpower all but the 8+s. I just never act on it.


    1. WOOT!

      flirting is in my blood, too. I don’t even realize I’m doing it half the time. then, the other half? totally deliberate!

      over power away! woot!


    1. so sorry, my dear. to be honest, open relationships baffle me a little bit. I did not mean to offend.

      thanks for taking the survey!


      1. (I have a cat icon too!)

        lol – okay. tease away…

        I wouldn’t mind going on another speed dating round. I can do that sort of thing.

        and I lived with a couple who claimed to be in a open relationship for about 9 months (they of the former roommate drama. with the blechyness of the former roommate drama), and during the whole time we lived together, they were in this open relationship. yet they did not date/go out on dates with/f*ck other people. and maybe not even each other. strange. I would just wonder if “open relationship” in this case is “sort of monogamy but with an option out if I get bored sexually.”

        huh. I don’t know!


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