The Internets Will Save Us! (Grammar Warming: Inappropriate Use Of Capital Letters Abounds!)

Dear Sweet Kind, Bosslady, Who is a Little out of Touch:

I am good at what I do.

I have been advocating an internal staff website for …  a month? now.   I’ve been thinking about and very concerned about internal communications for about six months now.  As we are a non-profit, and therefore Everything Must Be Free For Us Because We Can’t Afford It…  (All feelings aside about being not good enough, there are things which are worth spending good money on, and a website is one of them.) 

In my Genuis-Brilliantness-and-Compassionate-Concern-For-What’s-Left-Of-My-Sanity, I have sketched out a Most Very Basic Planne which will be helpful to Everybody.  Google will save the day!  The Interwebs are a Loverly Resource Which May Be Able to Help Us Solve This "Growing Pains" Problem Which Has Been Looming Ever-Large And More Important By The Minute.

Please, please, pretty please with LOTS OF SUGAR ON TOP… trust me a little bit.

I am not a moron.  I can explain Google Docs, Google Calendar, even Google Sites to you, given adequate preparation time, screen caps, and a PowerPoint presentation.

Please don’t harsh my squee, at getting something which I so desperately need, prematurely. 

Most of the time after we’re done talking on the phone, I feel invalidated.  You weren’t paying attention to me, Miss Multi-Tasker, therefore you Didn’t Understand What I Was Trying to Explain To You.  It is not nearly as bad as it was with my hostile man-boss from hospice.  So I suppose I should could my blessings. 

Deep breathing seldom fails me as a calming-down mechanism.  I’m feeling a little fragile now, what with the Huge Life Changes Afoot. 

Please, trust me.  I won’t fail you or let you down.

Yours ever faithfully,


4 thoughts on “The Internets Will Save Us! (Grammar Warming: Inappropriate Use Of Capital Letters Abounds!)”

  1. Intranet? Only SUCCESSFUL NPOs USE THAT SHIT. WOOHOO, lookit YOU with yer hi-falutin idears.

    I had to critique a recent article on how on-line donations are not for small NPOs with limited resources. It was like being in twilight land. and not the kind with sparkly vampires. the author was about a million years out of date, and was obviously unfamiliar with such successful donation portals as the kind utilizes, or hell, I dunno FUCKING THE CAUSES APPLICATION?!?




    good luck!


    1. Dear Rosary,

      It is my hope this missive finds you well.

      We Must Speak more of this Internet Resource you mentioned – I have not heard of it over much. (Which should not be too shocking – I just recently discovered LOLcats, Youtube, and Google… oh. and FB and LJ and now DW. Man, the internets have all grown up!)

      We do have a website, with articles and what not. It is boring as sschnnnnnaaaaahhhh …. oh. sorry. I just fell asleep.

      Pardon me!

      What I am advocating is not an intra-net, specifically. Because we have more than one office location, we need some kind of website, on the interwebs, which mulitple users can access, post, calendar, etc. We don’t have a server – we have a half a dozen somewhat-interconnected Macs.


      I set up a website on Google Sites – for us – and I think we could have some kind of STAFF MEETING to launch it – just a site for the STAFF, then later, we can open it up to the BOARD…

      And she kinda shot me down because she wasn’t listening to me because she was multi-tasking as always and not paying attention to me. … Why do I bother?


      maybe you, oh Ameri-Alum, (or perhaps, Amerilum?) can help with with this.

      oh, universe, gimme kisses and tell me you love me. I will get through. πŸ™‚


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