saw the Star Trek movie and flailed and squeed.  apparently someone thinks I should come with a warning.  mer.  stupid boys. 

it was awesome and made of awesomeness.  will see it again sometime soon.

okay.  for some reason, I’m watching Dane Cook on TV.  man, Mr. Potty-Dirty-Sex-Pot-with-Hookers!

I’m kind of offended for the moral sensitivity or whatever.

but Star Trek was AWESOME.

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  1. I loved the star trek movie too – it was so not what I was expecting!

    Been watching some of the old ones lately, and dear god, do they leave a lot to be desired…

    *joins you in Star Trek squeeee*


    1. yeah. wasn’t what I was expecting either, but I loved it ALL THE SAME. the old/original eps now are all… vintage. ummm… kitch. which is kind of like saying, “awww…. they made tv before ILM could make visual magic!” or… antique. “awww… look! spirit gum!”

      like wandering through an antique store and thinking, “oh. I remember when tvs and stereos were *actual pieces of furniture* whoudathunkit?”

      anyway. star trek is one of those worlds that anything can be grafted upon. which makes it cool like that. in terms of prequels, it stayed much closer to canon than Wolverine did. *sigh*



      1. I think what I meant to say was something along the lines of “feminine wiles,” but I didn’t want to offend…

        fantasy boyfriends are sometimes the best kind. they show up on time, bring the kinds of flowers you like, and always pay for dinner…


        yes, most definitely we should go again. I hardly had enough squee time, what with keeping up with the plot and drooling over the massive EYE CANDY and special effects.

        baby Kirk, get in my pants!

        tee hee!


  2. theoretically I know that I am going to be waaaay negative in monies for operation MOVETOPA/GOTODEADPPLSCHOOL even if I save every penny I make in the next 5 months.

    HOWEVER, I am still vacillating as to whether or not I should drop $40 to see Dane Cook live at the Palms near my house.

    I fucking LOVE Dane Cook! But I wonder if I can just love him from his new CD that was released today. Sigh.

    if I don’t have self-discipline NOW with my money, when I live in circumstances that are comfortable, I don’t know how I’ll survive COLDPOORCOLDRATSWAAAAAaaaah (AGAIN). Meh.

    Now, if only Dane Cook had been in the Star Trek movie… πŸ˜‰


    1. well, the only DAne Cook consolation and connection to sci-fi that I have is that the dude who plays Sam on BSG looks just llike Dane Cook.

      other than that, I got nuthin.

      ummm…. I think grad school financing is HARD!!!!!!! it requires constant creativity, food stamps, and ummm… help from caring supportive parents. and a library card. plan on buying many of your books used (preferably from or or etc) and the books that you must buy new… just save up your money for those.

      discipline with money is something which women in our culture are not automatically taught. it’s sad. AND, it’s one of those mondo-important life skills that one as to learn pretty quick on the fly or get sucked into credit card scams. oh wait. or learn the hard way.

      it’s hard to live by a budget. but very worthwhile… it will be important for you to reserve some fun money – money just to spend on whatever you want – because with out that line in your budget, things seem dull and boring.

      so. save up what? $100 per paycheck? $150? as much as you can. then make it a priority to still have some fun.

      I’m not really in love with Dane’s potty-mouthed sex-and-come jokes. sometimes I just get really offended.

      but if you wants him, goes and gets him! how long are you gonna be in vegas?

      πŸ˜› hugs.


      1. ha. ha. ahahahaha.


        I am saving my whole paycheck, and when my whole paycheck falls short of the $500 I estimated I pull the remainder from my tips. Actually, I theorized I could live off my tips (I call it my petty cash allowance in my head) for tampons and soap and other necessities. but really, EVERYTHING I make goes to the bank.

        Which actually means I will not be eligible for foodstamps… I’m going to sneak my money into my mom’s account a few months before I leave. Usually with foodstamps you cannot exceed $2000 in your checking, and I’ll have to provide my last 3 paystubs and my bank statements. “trust in jesus, honey” (this is what my drag queen friends state before every comment): I am going to pull tricks fast and dirty to make this work.

        mmm, tricks. I LOVE Dane Cook. He is just hilarious to me. I’m probably going to be in Vegas til early September. AHHHHH I’m a be LATE for work STOOPID INTERWEBS! ;D ttyl.

        And my textbooks are included in the $1300 I sent.

        I am using all my AmeriSkills to make this work, which may end up including living in a church basement if I have to.


      2. living in a church basement = teh AWESOME.

        you might want to bring a cat, unless you’re terribly allergic. church mice are persistent creatures.

        I’m glad you’re saving – another friend of mine is going to seminary in the fall, and he’s working as an architect now, so making reasonable amounts of money. he’s worried. he should be. seminary is expensive. (I mean, how are you gonna pay for the blow and the hookers so you can short it off their bellies? on a graduate student’s salary? I mean, honestly!)

        ummmm…. yeah. os before you go, we need to meet in person, trufax. AND, my dad lives in kingman, AZ, so the closest airport is LV, NV. whch, if I remember correctly, is where oyu live, hrmmm?

        yeah – I say go see DANE. I am going to go see KANE (christian kane and steve carlson OMG OMG OMG GET IN MAH PANTS) in Portland, which will probably wind up costing $150 or so…

        I’m on board, baybeee.

        I’m not sure about food stamps – I know they revised the requirements in order to give more people more assistance (cause of our shit-tanked economy) but I’m not sure about the req’s for students. it might be different. maybe they just don’t want students to eat.


        SAWWEEEETTTT! go to dane. I’m goin to KANE. hotness. happy thursday!


      3. yeah, that’s why I really don’t wanna do grad school until I’m ‘retiring’. I want to get my master’s of religious ed…. one day.

        and a lot of places have rules against undergrads getting foodstamps, but I’m hoping they’ll consider this a vocational school. anyway, I plan to submit many, MANY an application to volunteer before I leave, so I can increase my resources.

        For example, if I volunteer at a children’s hospital, we are talking access to computers, art supplies and most likely cafeteria vouchers. the hospice here in Vegas leaves meal tickets for the cafe out for volunteers. All the shelter’s I’ve worked at have the volunteers join in after the meal is served. And I am ALLLL about the bread pantries. I specifically remember working at a salvation army church in RI and asking for the bread that was so old the BREAD PANTRY was going to throw it out–my roommates and I went into that cibatta like it was going outta style.

        good times. and thanks to AmeriCorps I am also good at soliciting donations–where else can you learn that Au Bon Pain’s double bag the leftover food when they throw it in the dumpster because they now people are waiting to eat it?


      4. I will plan a weekend trip in late august maybe early september. I know that’s cutting it close to before you leave, but it’s damn hot where you are! trufax.

        I think you’ll be able to use your ameriskills to feed and house yourself. and living in a church basement while apprenticing mortician skills might be metaphorically powerful!

        golly that sounds like a page out of American Gods!

        I’m glad Au Bon Pain gives away their spare leftover food: they should just give it out instead of throwing it in a dumpster? (ack!)

        for your master of religious ed… as a UU, you’ll probably have to go through one of the UU seminaries to get the RE thing going on. which will mean learning a lot of church history and other religious movements that you, as an athiest/agnostic, probably think are a whole lotta nonsense. (that’s what you learn in seminary: religion is a whole lotta nonsense!)

        I could recommend some books if it were nearer in your future. or maybe I just have have them around on our commune! πŸ˜›



        and one backwards one!



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