hi-de-ho: where’d my america go?

excellent discussion of recent, violent tragedies and of media’s role in them.

I find it a little difficult to believe that patrons of FOX news and/or "regular joe/jane q. citizens" would be unable to distinguish between obvious "news" and hate-speech/irresponsible hate-mongering.  America has become too violent.  Alternative voices are not particularly welcomed because they’re not "sexy/sound-byte-y/fast" enough, especially if they propose life-altering, long-term solutions to problems which really do exist.

And Coulter saying Jews are "imperfected Christians" is just insulting, stupid, and …  ah!  offensive.  (sorry.  can’t find the words.)

Of course, kudos to analysts who can listen to that crap in the first place:  I can’t.  It turns my stomach.

more discussion on media: