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  1. I found the poll! I can’t recommend what to be but I think you probably already have some ideas in that direction. What I found works is to take baby steps toward something and see how you like it. Things are always different when they become jobs but if you know you like the area it can work out well. With the economy today I am not sure what is open to you but at least lots of others are struggling as well and are willing to give you more of a benefit of the dobt when you do something new or are looking into things.


    1. thanks! I really like a lot of things, but I want to do another Americorps year – the postings for spokane aren’t really up yet. woe.

      there are a lot of things I could do. I get funky like this around my birthday. reflections, feh.

      thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

      LURVES YER ICON! I wanna dolley!


    1. you’re welcome!!!! YAY for sandwiches. I could use one now-ish. I’m hungry and sweaty and the house isn’t even close to being finished being clean.

      wow. what a crappy sentence! yay for me!

      I think trapeze artist would be cool. (I am not afraid of heights: I’m afraid of falling!)


    1. trufax: they try to get you while the memories are fresh: of course, they assume the memories are “good” ones! feh.

      I think more and more that I’m somewhere between an agnostic and plain “indifferent.”

      Seminary nearly killed me, trufax. It kinda also didn’t make me stronger, either…


  2. you should…do whatever makes you happy. Cliche I know but there’s no point doing something meh, or you dislike, even if it may please other peopel. Do it for a short time if it’s a good money eearner and your not just sure yet but never settle for second best.

    If you really have no clue what you want to do, have a look around the net there’s lots of poll programmes that help identify your likes/dislikes and strength/weaknesses


    1. I know what my aptitudes are:
      *people (I do enjoy working with people, especially kids)
      *public speaking
      *planning and coordinating events
      *community building/organizing

      ! it’s just the US economy is in a tailspin – the kinds of places where I would LOVE to have a job (non-profits, universities) are struggling to keep their doors open, and the very idea of entering into Corporate America makes me want to run screaming from the room: I did that. it kicked my ASS.

      I would LOVE to do another Americorps year, and I have indicated I would like to talk about this with my boss (maybe do another year at this site) – and she has been silent about the prospect.

      the job I’m in requires a few job skills which are hard to put on a resume; they’re called “soft skills” or “people skills.” basically, you have to manage my boss – she doesn’t give a lot of direction or praise, she dumps things on me at the last minute and expects miracles, and her latest refrain, which happens whever I talk with her, is “I’m braindead.”

      (I finally told her last week that I want to respond compassionately to her, I care abotu her as a person &tc, but I just don’t know how to respond to that statement, “I’m braindead.” you know, “is there something I can do to help?” I think she heard me. we’ll see what happens.)

      all this knowing that I goof off way too much on LJ during work hours, ANd a “normal” job would have fired me for this long ago, or set LAN procedures and the like.

      blah blah rant rant.

      I think I get moody/reflective like this when my birthday is coming up.

      I just didn’t imagine adulthood this way, when I was a kid. maybe that’s all: chalk it up to failure of imagination…..


    1. one of my dear friends has a peace corps interview tomorrow!

      I have a few medical conditions (asthma, lack of thyroid) which may or may not be conducive to living in a third world country. plus I LOVE my indoor plumbing. hate to admit it.

      I think if I went to the PC, I’d want to go someplace like Guatemala. I’m not sure they send people there anyway.

      thanks for taking my poll!

      I love polls!



      1. hehe. Peace corps goes all kinds of places, though. I’m sure they’d take your medical condition into account!

        Anyways. I currently feel very trapped. I’m scared of not being qualified enough to do what I’m qualified to do, assuming anyone in the state government is hiring. And, I’m capable of doing so many things that I don’t know where to begin. And I’m all married and thinking about babies, so I certainly wouldn’t advise that as a course of action. Do it if you want them, but not because you’re feeling lost.


      2. I HATE those kind of moments.

        you wanna be a mommy? you gots the married, so the first hard part is clumb. climbed? ascended?

        I am turning 37 soon. egads! who is in charge of time! and I have been thinking about the bebes. thinking about my family’s history of mental illness. thinking about being a survivor of child sexual assault. thinking about how I would need to keep any baby safe, well into baybee’s adulthood. I’m just not sure. there are profound pros and cons.

        one of my dear friends has been trying, with her husband, to get pregnant for about five and half years now. IUI, IVF, surgeries. it’s been hard on them. If I got knocked up, even unintentionally, I think my friend would take it hard. which is silly, really. I’ve been thinking they could have spent the money (in the 100K’s now) on an adoption. she’s just hell-bent on having her own DNA. which is sad, really: there are a lot of unwanted babys out there who would do just as well with her as a mommy.

        I just don’t know. I’m good at a lot of things, and I have a lot of employable skills, and I’m you know, smart and stuff.

        I just don’t have a lot of direction in my career – like ever! – and still, I hate being at this place AGAIN.


        I’m sure you also have a lot of lovely skills: hell. just apply. that’s kind of all you can do, and if you apply in a broad shut-gun style approach, you’re bound to hit something.

        WA is about $8 million UNDER, as in, budget cuts for universities, non-profits are struggling, the cuts generally are for programs which benefit the most vulnerable (why why!@?) and my chances of getting a state job, even with americorps on my resume, are kinda nil. cause the state isn’t hiring, universities aren’t hiring.

        you know the drill.

        still, I would like to believe that the benevolent universe has a job/career out there for me. if I pray hard enough, work hard enough, believe hard enough. which is difficult because I’m struggling with my beliefs about the characteristics of the living god AGAIN.

        the circus is looking kind of awesome. (I watched Carnivale, though. wow. maybe not that kind of circus, eh?)


      3. I’ve thankfully ended most of my questionings about god. I no longer debate it with people, because I’m so exhausted.

        As to the babies, the best anyone can hope to do is to prepare her children to love themselves and the world regardless of the awful things that will happen to them… and awful things will always happen. I love my life despite them, and I want to give the blessings of experience to someone else. And, frankly, there have always been awful things and we’re really living in the safest possible time for children, no matter what the media is selling. And, how can I hope for a better future if I don’t take part in training the next generation of peaceful critical thinkers? But, it’s certainly not for everyone. And, every additional home that’s open for an adoptable child is a home that makes the world a better place.

        I’d love to adopt, and that would be my first option if my husband were more interested in it. He wants to wait until after we have one (or two) of our own. Oh well. Please, twist my arm and make me squeeze out a ball of goo. Some people are just attached to their own DNA. *shrugs* I hope your friend finds happiness, whatever the outcome of her situation.


      4. thanks. that’s really good advice.

        my friend will go through more treatments with her husband or not. I’m not giving advice at this point; I’m just listening. it’s been really hard for her, for both of them. thanks for the well-wishes.

        I don’t want to make you uncomfortable with the god-talk, so please don’t feel like we have to talk about it: debate/proselytising = exhausting. I totally understand.

        safe home… that would be nice!

        I don’t really have anything useful to say about the natural birth/adoption with you and your husband. I just hope it works out well for both of you, and any kids you might wish to birth/adopt.

        those questions are always hard – those kind of “who am I/what do I want? what does it all mean?” kinds of things.

        planned parenthood’s new motto (I have it on a sticker) is “Every child wanted and loved.”

        wouldn’t THAT be a great world to live in?


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