how old were you in 1987???

I was like, in high school, yah.  fer sure.


ETA:  …. just….  I think I’m one of those people who only listens to "oldies" now – and what qualifies as "oldies" is "stuff I grew up listening to" which means 80’s and such.  so like, I’m old now.  1987 was the year "livin on a prayer" topped the charts for a long time….  yeesh.

12 thoughts on “is it POSSIBLE?”

  1. yes, indeed. *is respectful of elders* (but with a little snerk) my apologies!

    it’s just that all of these SONGS that I love are — it’s just been entering my awareness that they’ve been around for 20 years!!!! trippy. it’s tripping me out.

    “I will follow” by U2 – remember that? 1983!!!!



    1. Re: …I feel so young.

      well, Bon Jovi was officially a “hair band” back then. so I’m sure you listened to some good music in your crib!!!!



  2. I moved to Las Vegas in 1987. I was 4. We lived in the Golden Gate motel for about 6 months while househunting, and I used to watch Vegas Vic wave at me from my window every night.


    1. awesome. stressful, but fun, friendly huge ass neon signage welcome.

      😛 I’m so much older than you are…


      fun for the entire family!


      1. o noes! sorry you’ve been hit by a car. that sounds like … OW!

        well, you and are totally the same age then….

        it’s just been striking me a lot lately that some of the huge songs that I crank up on the radio when I hear them are … over 20 years old… and I remember rocking out to them when they came out.

        so it’s strange. like these songs have been with me my whole life.

        am I making any sense? (it’s okay if I’m not…)


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